BND’s report on drug trafficking and money laundering in Liechtenstein, 1999, SPAG company

…real estate assets in Russia, e.g. an office building in St Petersburg worth DM 10 million. The shares have been traded over the counter on the Frankfurt / M stock exchange since October 1997. Further research on SP AG has been initiated. ” The report led to at least three probes, two in Germany and one in Liechtenstein (see mentions of Rudolf Ritter). See more documents on SPAG. See warrant for SPAG’s shares signed by Vladimir Putin, acting as St Petersburg’s vice mayor, 1994. The SPAG’s probe in Germany (Darmstadt Prosecutor’s office) was closed in 2009 because of proscription. One…

Rogatory Letter on SPAG to Liechtenstein

SPAG rogatory letter to Liechtenstein Smirnov Rogatory letter on SPAG to Liechtenstein from the Prosecutor’s office of Darmstadt, Germany. The document describes the history on SPAG’s registration: in 1989 two companies were registred in Liechtenstein by Rudolf Ritter. On September 27, 1990 a German-Soviet Joint Venture JV Inorm Future is created by Vladimir Smirnov in Leningrad, USSR. On August 27, 1992, is Inform-Future GmbH by Putin’s International relation’s committee of the St Petersburg registered, as legal successor of JV Inform Future. Liechtenstein Ritter’s off shore and Inforn Future of Vladimir Putin’s dacha neighbor Vladimir Smirnov, German Markus Rese and others….

SPAG Report

SPAG RAPPORT Detailed report on the SPAG company and its network in Switzerland, written in French language. Attention: we can’t attribute this document to any official or private agency. However, its detailed content invites further investigation….

SPAG warrant signed by Putin

Vladimir Putin Deputy Mayor St. Petersburg and Head of External Relations Committee City Hall of St. Petersburg CIS – St. Petersburg Power of attorney We hereby authorize Mr. Vladimir Smirnov, organization address: Inform-Future, 12 Tambovskaya Street, St. Petersburg, in our absence, exercise the right to vote with 200 shares of the St. Petersburg Real Estate and Investment Company (SPAG) with a nominal value of 50 Deutsch marks per share at shareholders meetings. This power of attorney is valid indefinitely until its revocation. St. Petersburg, December 17, 1994 Signature: V. Putin Cachet: Committee on External Relations   Source: Jürgen Roth, “Die…

Sens de la Vie creation

Sens de la vie creation Swiss foundation, registered by the former chief of Ozero Cooperative and Rosatom top manager, Vladimir Smirnov (investigated in 2000–2009 in Germany in the SPAG money laundering case, now archived — see SPAG, elsewhere in the TBCA). “Sens de la vie” — “meaning of life”. Its declared purpose is to support innovative research projects by students at Vaudois and/or Swiss high schools and universities. Other managers are Larisa Drozdova and Dmitry Scorcheletti (also known as Dmitry Zverev)….

Dmitry Scorcheletti

Dmitry Schorechelletti’s list of commercial affiliations in Russia. Dmitry Scorcheletti (formerly Dmitry Zverev) was a partner at the Swiss foundation of Vladimir Smirnov (Ozero cooperative, Rosatom, defendant in the SPAG case — see elsewhere in TBCA), Sens de la Vie. In turn, Zverev represents Sergey Chemezov’s Rostech (see, for example, ) Dmitry scorcheletti partner of Smirnov…