Lukoil’s link to mobster Zakhari Kalashov (Shakro)

Switzerland’s Prosecutor’s office rogatory letter to Spanish judge Fernando Andreu, 2005. Zakar Kalashov (nickname Shakro), linked to Solntsevskaya and Izmaylovskaya gangs, is said to be shareholder of a considerable part of Lukoil oil company.  Shakro was detained in Spain and later in Moscow whre his ties to high rank law enforcers were discovered.

Shakro-Kalashov Case: Tapes 4

The reference is to the operative wiretapping (“surveillance by means of audiofixation”). The wiretapping took place between 23 December 2015 and 15 July 2016. This is evidence in the case of corruption in the Investigative Committee of Russia: high ranking officials were accused of acting in favor of the mobster, Zakhar Kalasov (aka Shakro Molodoi). … Continue reading “Shakro-Kalashov Case: Tapes 4”

Shakro-Kalashov Case: Tapes 3

The decision to open a criminal case and separate the case into distinct proceedings 15 July 2016 Moscow Names mentioned: Zakhariy KALASHOV, Mikhail MAKSIMENKO, Aleksandr LAMONOV, Aleksei KOCHUIKOV, Eduard ROMANOV. The criminal case is filed against Zakhariy Kalashov and other unidentified persons under paragraph 5 of article 291 of the Criminal Code of Russia (Bribery … Continue reading “Shakro-Kalashov Case: Tapes 3”

Shakro 2 tapes RU ENG

The decision to open a criminal case and separating the case into distinct proceedings. 15 July 2016, Moscow. The criminal case is filed against Zakhariy Kalashov under article 210 of the Criminal Code of Russia (Organization of a criminal association). The decision is issued by the Deputy Head of the Investigative Directorate of the FSB … Continue reading “Shakro 2 tapes RU ENG”

Shakro-Kalashov Case: Tapes 1

Zakhariy Kalashov (Shakro Molodoi) An inquiry into alleged corruption at the Moscow branch of the Russian Investigative Committee has been opened following the attempted raider seizure of the Moscow restaurant, Elements, by the criminal gang of Zakhari Kalashov – aka Shakro Molodoi, a crime lord from Russia. In 2010, Shakro Molodoi was convicted in Spain … Continue reading “Shakro-Kalashov Case: Tapes 1”