Timchenko’s foundation managers

…Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Timchenko is a billionaire, long-time shareholder of Bank “Rossiya”, co-founder of judo club, “Yavara Neva”, and one of the leading winners of government procurement contracts in Russia with “Volga Group”. He has been Vladimir Putin’s friend since the early 1990s. Putin recognized this only in 2011, claiming that he did not help Timchenko to build his oil empire. In 2003, Timchenko denied any relation to Putin to a Swiss newspaper, which was curious about the fortune of a newcomer in Geneva. He also said he was “almost retired” and not active in business. With $18.9…

Kirill Shamalov’s secret Monégasque company

Alta Mira1 Minutes of decisions of the single shareholder of the Monégasque SCP ALTA MIRA, unique founder of the French company, SCI Atlantic, on the transfer of shares from Gennady and Elena Timchenko to SCP ALTA MIRA, represented by Kirill Shamalov, “manager” (“gérant”), registered in Monaco. This is a way for the Timchenkos to sell a €4.5-million villa in Biarritz, on the Atlantic coast of France, to Shamalov, previously covered in the press. At that juncture, shareholders of ALTA MIRA could not be disclosed because of Monégasque law: creation of a SCP — société civile particulière — is not announced…

Skigin, Traber, Vasiliev — Monaco’s police file on Sotrama S.A.M

…investigation started as a result of request from Moscow. An outgoing request was sent to Rome. Measures taken: Ilias (Ilya) Traber is banned from entering Monaco. Traber is referenced as the leader of companies dedicated to oil trading, located in St. Petersburg (PETERSBURG OIL TERMINAL and FINANCIAL INDUSTRIAL HOLDING OBIP), in Vaduz (UNITED JET SERVICE LTD), but also in Nice (SARL HORIZON) and Monaco (SAM SOTRAMA). In the context of the investigations, certain data from French intelligence on Gennady Timchenko (Timtchenko) was obtained by the Monegasque police for Sotrama’s file. It is not clear what kind of data it was….

Biarritz’s Alta Mira villa: pre-judicial claim of neighbours

Alta Mira Shamalov Palms Pre-judicial claim submitted by neighbours of the Alta Mira villa, in 2009. Until 2007 it was in Putin´s ally Gennady Timchenko’s possession who sold it to Kirill Shamalov, born in 1982, for 3 million euros. Kirill Shamalov was Putin’s son in law according to Reuters. He is son of Nikolay Shamalov – Vladimir Putin’s dacha neighbourg since early 90ths. Pre-judicial claim states that the owners of the Alta Mira villa planted palm trees and tamaris up to 8 meters high and closed the sea view for the neighbors….

Mordashov’s appartment at “Putin’s friends”‘ building

Russian real estate regostry’s records proving that oligarch Alexey Mordashow’s wife Elena owned, at least as for 2017, an apartement at luxury Kamenny island in Sankt Petersburg, at 2-ya Berezovaya alleya 19. Other owners were Gennadios (Gennady) Petrov, Sergey Kolesnikov, Arkady Rotenberg, Vladimir Yakunin and Gennady Timchenko, all known as frontmen and friends of Vladimir Putin, namely shareholders of Bank Rossiya and members of the Ozero cooperative. The house on the 2nd Berezovaya Alleya 19, is guarded by the FSB. Adjacent are FSB and Presidential residences. mordashov…