Timchenko’s foundation managers

Gennady Timchenko’s family foundation in Switzerland (“Fondation Neva”). Declared goals are “to undertake any action to assist, promote, provide financial support to persons, activities, projects, events, and programs in the fields of art, culture, architecture, preservation of historic monuments, sport, health, education, the environment…”. As of 2019, managers are Elena Timchenko (wife), Xeniia Frank (daughter), … Continue reading “Timchenko’s foundation managers”

Kirill Shamalov’s secret Monégasque company

Minutes of decisions of the single shareholder of the Monégasque SCP ALTA MIRA, unique founder of the French company, SCI Atlantic, on the transfer of shares from Gennady and Elena Timchenko to SCP ALTA MIRA, represented by Kirill Shamalov, “manager” (“gérant”), registered in Monaco. This is a way for the Timchenkos to sell a €4.5-million … Continue reading “Kirill Shamalov’s secret Monégasque company”

Skigin, Traber, Vasiliev — Monaco’s police file on Sotrama S.A.M

Monaco’s police file on the Monégasque company, Sotrama S.A.M. (now CINPIT S.A.M), 2005, in French: summary of suspicions of money laundering by its de-facto managers, Ilia (Ilya) Traber, Sergey Vasiliev, Dimitrios (Dimitry) Skigin (deceased), and Eduard Skigin. The company’s suspected links with organized crime. The official manager is Michele Tecchia and his company is Caravel … Continue reading “Skigin, Traber, Vasiliev — Monaco’s police file on Sotrama S.A.M”