Luxury Paris apartment of Ilias Traber, suspected of ties with Tambov gang

property of Ilias Traber in Paris

Luxury apartment bought by the company SCI NINA bis, controlled by Ilias Traber, suspected of ties with Tambov (Tambovskaya) gang, in the center of Paris. As it follows from this Paris real estate record, it was sold in 2007 to Mr Rogachev (founder of Pyaterochka) supermarket.

Timchenko’s foundation managers


Gennady Timchenko’s family foundation in Switzerland (“Fondation Neva”). Declared goals are “to undertake any action to assist, promote, provide financial support to persons, activities, projects, events, and programs in the fields of art, culture, architecture, preservation of historic monuments, sport, health, education, the environment…”.

As of 2019, managers are Elena Timchenko (wife), Xeniia Frank (daughter), and Pavel Chinsky. Pavel Chinsky doesn’t specify his affiliation to the Foundation in his public speeches and opinions (“Sanctions will strengthen Putin’s regime“, “France is interested in Russia seriously and on a long term basis”), introducing himself only as managing director of the FrancoRussian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Timchenko is a billionaire, long-time shareholder of Bank “Rossiya”, co-founder of judo club,

“Yavara Neva”, and one of the leading winners of government procurement contracts in Russia with “Volga Group”.

He has been Vladimir Putin’s friend since the early 1990s. Putin recognized this only in 2011, claiming that he did not help Timchenko to build his oil empire. In 2003, Timchenko denied any relation to Putin to a Swiss newspaper, which was curious about the fortune of a newcomer in Geneva. He also said he was “almost retired” and not active in business. With $18.9 billion, he became of of the most wealthy businessmen in the whole world by 2019 (Forbes).

In the context of the investigation on the Sotrama oil company in Monaco, certain data from French intelligence on Gennady Timchenko (Timtchenko) was obtained by the Monégasque police for Sotrama’s file. It is not clear what kind of data it was.

Kirill Shamalov’s secret Monégasque company

Alta Mira1

Minutes of decisions of the single shareholder of the Monégasque SCP ALTA MIRA, unique founder of the French company, SCI Atlantic, on the transfer of shares from Gennady and Elena Timchenko to SCP ALTA MIRA, represented by Kirill Shamalov, “manager” (“gérant”), registered in Monaco.

This is a way for the Timchenkos to sell a €4.5-million villa in Biarritz, on the Atlantic coast of France, to Shamalov, previously covered in the press. At that juncture, shareholders of ALTA MIRA could not be disclosed because of Monégasque law: creation of a SCP — société civile particulière — is not announced in “Journal Officiel” (the government’s official publication) and, even upon request, their beneficiaries cannot be disclosed.

Kirill Shamalov, born in 1982, is son to member of Ozero cooperative, Nikolay Shamalov (Putin was among its founders), and shareholder of Bank Rossiya. Kirill Shamalov was reportedly married to Putin’s daughter.


Complaint against VINCI corporation to French prosecutors


French company, Vinci, established a Joint Venture with Russia — North-West Concessions Company  (NWCC) — to build an ecologically unfriendly motorway across Khimki forest between Moscow and Sankt-Petersburg. Russian banks, Sberbank and Vneshekonombank, credited the construction, officially called a “public-private partnership”. First, one section of construction cost €300 million. This means that each kilometer cost €25.3 million (to compare, in the EU, the average cost was €4.9 million per kilometer).

According to expertise from Transparency International (2010), inexplicably, the most expensive itinerary was chosen, breaching Russian legislation protecting forest territories. A protester, ecological activist Mikhail Beketov, was beaten, became disabled, and died from consequences of the attack. The aggressors were not identified.

Banwatch (an NGO) uncovered the following beneficiaries of different offshores behind the Russian part of NWCC: Arkady Rotenberg (18%), Alexander Plekhov (4%), and Konstantin Nikolaev (alleged sponsor of Maria Butina). Plekhov is a former shareholder of Bank Rossiya, to whom Putin’s friend, Sergey Roldugin, transferred shares of Sonette Overseas, as detailed in the Panama Papers.

French NGO, Sherpa, managed to submit evidence of the “bribing of foreign officials” to French prosecutors, stating that “With high probability, with the help of intricate schemes, Vladimir Putin himself received a reward for the services provided by Arkady Rotenberg to the Vinci group.” An investigating judge has been appointed and the official investigation in France is in progress.

See full description of the case as of 2017 in the article, “Offshores next to a highway” (Russian), and in the report by the Fighting Transborder Corruption group/EU-Russia civil Society Forum (English, Russian), 2017.

Skigin, Traber, Vasiliev — Monaco’s police file on Sotrama S.A.M

skigin traber vasiliev monaco

Monaco’s police file on the Monégasque company, Sotrama S.A.M. (now CINPIT S.A.M), 2005, in French: summary of suspicions of money laundering by its de-facto managers, Ilia (Ilya) Traber, Sergey Vasiliev, Dimitrios (Dimitry) Skigin (deceased), and Eduard Skigin. The company’s suspected links with organized crime. The official manager is Michele Tecchia and his company is Caravel Establishment, Liechtenstein. Previous managers are known.

Preliminary investigation started as a result of request from Moscow. An outgoing request was sent to Rome. Measures taken: Ilias (Ilya) Traber is banned from entering Monaco.

Traber is referenced as the leader of companies dedicated to oil trading, located in St. Petersburg (PETERSBURG OIL TERMINAL and FINANCIAL INDUSTRIAL HOLDING OBIP), in Vaduz (UNITED JET SERVICE LTD), but also in Nice (SARL HORIZON) and Monaco (SAM SOTRAMA).

In the context of the investigations, certain data from French intelligence on Gennady Timchenko (Timtchenko) was obtained by the Monegasque police for Sotrama’s file. It is not clear what kind of data it was.

Gafur Rakhimov, French Interior’s note

Rakhimobv France from Roth

Information note of the French Ministry of the Interior on Gafur Rakhimov from 5 February 1998.

On 22 January 1998, at the arrival of a flight from ZURICH (Switzerland), the Immigration Control Service of BOURGET carried out the examination of the situation of an Uzbek businessman.
It is :

RAKHIMOV Gafur (Gafour), born on 22 July 1951 in TASHKENT (Uzbekistan), holder of ordinary passport N # CAO664150 on a Schengen visa N * F31069651 valid until 10.04.98 (90 days multiple entries), domiciled in TASHKENT.

Although holding a valid visa, it appeared after the departure of the passenger terminal that he was known “as one of the main members of the Uzbek mafia whose presence in France would pose a threat serious for the public security “, to be” in relation with the circles of organized crime of ex-Soviet origin” and finally to be” in contact with important members of the organized crime coming from the CIS, in relation with ALIMJAN TOKHTAKHOUNOV and would be with SALIM ABDOUVALIEV co-godfather of TASHKENT” and as such is registered in the Wanted Persons File under reference numbers TE 9600214RE, S 9400758ST, and S 9700200RG.
He was accompanied by M. de CHARETTE from CONTRIE Georges, director of the airline Air Entreprise, and RYBALSKI Yaakov, of Israeli nationality. The latter is also known “as being in connection with the circles of organized crime of ex-Soviet origin” and is the subject of an inscription to the RPF under the number S9400754ST. (See annex passenger identities).
On 29 January 1998, the same post noted the departure of a flight for TASHKENT (Uzbekistan), with on board the named RAKHIMOV Gafour accompanied by RIBALSKI Yaakov. It should be noted that on 31 January 1998, the named CHARETTE de la CONTRIE Georges, accompanied by two Israeli passengers also left the BOURGET airport for KICHINEV (Moldova).

PAVT 2017

Catalogue of the Russian IT Conference “PaVT”: “Parallel computing technologies”, 2017, Kazan. Catalogue lists “Georgi Petrovich Roshka [Георгий Петрович Рошка],

“Center for Strategic R&D researcher”, as a participant.

Metadata of the hacked files of Cedric O, treasurer of Emmanuel Macron’s party, En Marche. Metadata with cyrillics shows that somebody called “Georgi Petrovich Roshka [Георгий Петрович Рошка]” opened them in March 2017.

Marine Le Pen, who received some funds from a Russian bank, accused Macron of having “an offshore account” at a public debate, as did Russian TV. “Emmanuel Macron’s offshore fund”, as “found” in the hacked emails, was uncovered as a fake.

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Chemezov: Légion d’Honneur

Letter from former French Minister of the Interior, Claude Géant, found during the investigation into the case of Nicolas Sarkozy’s alleged illegal campaign payment from Libya. The addressee is the Russian oligarch, Sergey Chemezov. The letter proposes that Chemezov choose the optimal occasion for receiving membership of the Légion d’Honneur.

Chemezov is believed to have negotiated the selling of Mistral helicopter carriers by the French government to Russia. At the same time, Chemezov’s advisor and mayor of Nizhjni Tagil was supposed to sign a contract with Claude Gueant’s company relating to “consulting” in the interest of the French company, Veolia (on that matter, see other pieces in the TBCA); for more info:

chemezov legion honneur