Paul Manafort to help bringing down Spanish anti-corruption prosecutors in Andorra money laundering case

In 2017 Paul Manafort had a meeting with three Spanish nationals wanting to “bring down prosecutor Grinda” and his colleagues. One of the interlocutors was now imprisonned police’s officer José Villarejo, two others – businessmen from Andorra’s private bank investigated for money laundering since 2012 (among them – of Russian clients).

Literal transcription (Spanish):

Alberto Padrazo (Andorra’s private bank): No hay que moverse, tienen que irse de España [los hermanos Cierco]. Y se tienen que ir porque esto es todo un puta encerrona… Que el Gobierno andorrano no te quita a Grinda, eso solo viene de una parte, eso solo viene de una parte: de Paul Manafort [que en el que se han reunido el día anterior en Nueva York] y si no el famoso juicio 81, que es una macrocausa, que les vamos a sentar a todos en el banquillo y van a intentar… y el Gobierno de Andorra cuando vea que estos tíos tienen el apoyo de España y de Estados Unidos [Por Mariano Rajoy y Donald Trump] no van a tener cojones de hacer nada… Intento no precipitarme, yo que llevo trabajando un año en este tema (ininteligible) y le digo: “Mira, Javier, siempre es lo mismo… ‘Es que tengo papeles de no sé qué, de los Pujol’, nosotros no tenemos nada, darnos todo”.

English translation: The Andorran government does not take away Grinda [prosecutor called “Spain’s Robert Mueller”] from our  path, that can only come  from one part, that only comes from one part: from Paul Manafort … and if not, the famous trial 81, which is a macrocause, that we will all sit on the bench and they will try … and the Government of Andorra when it sees that these buddies have the support of Spain [at the level above prosecutors] and the United States they are not going to have anything to do … I try not to rush, I have been working on this subject for a year  and the Government of Andorra…”

Alberto Pedraza, one of the interlocutors explained about Manafort: “I am a businessman who is looking for business. I was invited to a trip to meet Paul Manafort and I went, but I have nothing to do with what Villarejo and De la Joya will get in their hands. Besides, what is told in a conversation like this and what happens next in real life makes a lot of difference. “

The same conspirators also discuss plans to accuse Grinda and other two anti-corruption prosecutors of paedophilia in another tapes. This happened in real life (accusations emerged and continue circulate in “alternative media” in Spain). The investigations are ongoing amid suspicions that Russian mobsters and an oligarch backed it.

Accusation act in the criminal case number 534530 from 1994 in Sant-Petersburg against the Tambov-Malyshev gang – Petrov, Malyshev, Kuzmin

petrov malyshev accusation 1994

Accusation act in the criminal case number 534530 from 1994 in Sant-Petersburg against the Tambov-Malyshev gang of creating organized crime community , extortion, gathering slush funds and their laundering in Europe. Main defendants: Gennady Petrov, Sergey Kuzmin, Alexander Malyshev. Cash, arms, including pistols and an arbalest to shot on “alive victims” were seized by the investigators in different locations. Cash in plastic bags was seized  at Petrodin’s company.

The arrested as a member of the gang Valery Ob’edkov was a policeman and used government-issued weapon during raid attacks, according to this accusation act.

See also cover page of this 22 volumes case with full list of defendants and criminal code’s articles.

In 1995, it led to almost full acquittal in trial  amid testimonies of corruption of the court. In the court, victims of extortion said they were wrong identifying their kidnappers. The Spanish court in 2018 trusted to this Sankt-Petersburg aquittal of 1995 and the more recent FSB reports, including of its Sankt-Petersburg branch, presented by the defence. Gennadi Petrov, failed to show at the Sanish court himself, was called honest businessman with revenues from Petrodin company and the Bank Rossiya in the sentence. For more details see Spanish Troika case’s sentence (aquittal).

Russian mafia case in Spain: conviction for tax evasion of the defendant Salikov


Yuri Salikov was acquitted in the Russian mafia case (Troika case) in 2018 in Spain, on charges of money laundering of the Tambov gang funds, like all the other defendants. While the sentence recognized the suspicious transactions as “anti economic”, the difficulty was to prove the predicate offence when Russian authorities gave contradictory reports to Spain on the Tambov / gang, amid suspicion of strong ties of the main defendants with the Russian law enforcers and government.  See also accusation of 1994 in Sant-Petersburg against the Tambov-Malyshev gang of creating organized crime community , extortion, gathering slush funds and their laundering in Europe. It also led to almost full acquittal in trial  amid testimonies of corruption of the court. Victims of extortion said they were wrong identifying their kidnappers in the court. The Spanish court in 2018 trusted to this Sankt-Petersburg aquittal of 1995 and the more recent FSB reports, including of its Sankt-Petersburg branch, presented by the defence.

By the present sentence, from 4 April 2019, Yuri Salikov was convicted by the Spanish court Audiencia Nacional for  tax evasion (for the same transactions earlier incriminated in money laundering case).

Salikov was co-owner and than took over the Spanish company Sunstar SL from Gennadios (Gennadi) Petrov which is fleeing the Spanish justice, one can read in the sentence. In 2002-2003 Yuri Salikov increased the capital of the company by more than 2 Mln of euros, simulating three loans, which were factitious, considered the court. The company invested funds of unknown origin to invest in real estate (p. 5). Doing so, “Yuri Salikov omitted to declare the income, recieved in the 2002 financial year, of 2 283 830 euros, failing to pay a fee to public finances which should be 938 235 euros” (p. 6).

The court condemned Yuri Salikov (Jurij Mihajlovich SALIKOV) as the author responsible for a crime against the Public Treasury, defining a  penalty of one year and three months in prison and a fine of 469 117 euros, with subsidiary personal responsibility of six months in case of default.
The convicted person must also indemnify the Public Treasury as civil liability in the amount of EUR 938,235 plus legal interest.

As it is clear from the sentence, Salikov and his wife, participating in the business of her husband and Gennadios Petrov, both have German citizenship.

Yuri Salikov is considered by the Spanish investigation to be close to bank Rossiya long time major shareholder Gennadios Petrov and Iskander Makhmudov (accused of belonging to Izmaylovo gang) who allegedly paid a pledge for Salikov in 2008. See taped conversations summary of the Troika case for details.

Lukoil’s link to mobster Zakhari Kalashov (Shakro)

Switzerland’s Prosecutor’s office rogatory letter to Spanish judge Fernando Andreu, 2005. Zakar Kalashov (nickname Shakro), linked to Solntsevskaya and Izmaylovskaya gangs, is said to be shareholder of a considerable part of Lukoil oil company.  Shakro was detained in Spain and later in Moscow whre his ties to high rank law enforcers were discovered.


Foreign interference in British and Catalan referenda


“…Arron Banks had many meetings with Russian officials, including the Russian Ambassador, Alexander Yakovenko, between 2015 and 2017. The meetings involved discussions about business deals involving Alrosa, the Russian diamond monopoly, the purchase of gold mines, funded by Sberbank, the Russian-state bank, and the transferring of confidential documents to Russian officials. … Arron Banks is believed to have donated £8.4 million to the Leave campaign, the largest political donation in British politics, but it is unclear from where he obtained that amount of money.”


Confirmation of proceedings at Russian Prosecutor’s office against Makhmudov and Deripaska

General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia

18.11.2014 № 34/3-334-12

On your request, I inform you that, on April 10, 2007, the Central Investigative Court No. 4 of the National Audience of the Kingdom of Spain initiated a criminal case (№101 / 2007-D) regarding Makhmudov I.K., Deripaska O.V., and other persons under Art. 515 (creation of a criminal association), Art. 301 (money laundering), and Art. 305 (offense against the State Treasury) of the Criminal Code of the Kingdom of Spain.

This criminal case, with the qualifications of the offense under Art. 174, 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 07.12.2012, was transferred by the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation according to the Art. 151, 459 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Russia for further investigation in the Investigative Department of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia.

The deadline for the preliminary investigation in the case was extended to 02/10/2015.

Deputy Head of Supervision of the Investigation of Highly Important Cases, V.V. Ignashin.

deribas transp

Deripaska welcomed the transfer of the case from Spain to Russia, done by the Spanish judge, Fernando Andreu.

Arnold Tamm, Mogilevich, Mikhas, Gafur – Solntsevskaya, Spain


Spanish Interior’s report from January 22, 2018 on the phone’s content of the detained of Arnold Tamm (Spivakovsky), a crime lord of Solntsevskaya gang also known as Arnosha. A photo of Sergey Mikhailov (Mikhas), Gafur Rakhimov (Gafur) and of Semen Mogilevich was found.

Arnold Spivakovsky (formerly Tamm; took his former wife’s last name) was arrested in Spain in September 2017 along with Oleg Kuznetsov, Sergey Dozhdev, Alexander Grinberg, and other defendants under suspicion of tax evasion, money laundering, and involvement in the activities of the Solntsevskaya organized crime group. The court arrested a total of 11 individuals. In the Civil Guard’s pretrial investigation report, Arnold Tamm is listed as the third most important member of the Solntsevskaya gang after Sergei Mikhailov (‘Mikhas’) and Viktor Averin (‘Avera’). In February 2018, Spivakovsky was released on a bail of 750,000 euros for the time of hearing on the merits and died, aged 51, the next year in Spain (no criminal reasons of the death are known). See “on the death of Tamm”.

The Spanish investigators’ attention was focused on two commercial organizations registered in Mijas, Malaga. The name of one of them, Agua de Mijas, interestingly coincided with the crime lord’s name — “Water of Mikhas”. Later, it was renamed to Agua Sierra de Mijas («Water of Mount Mikhas»). The word play is based on the name of the town and a mountain in Spain. The second company under investigation is Arrendamientos de maquinaria industrial Mardoz SL («Mardoz Industrial Machinery Rental»). The first company was managed by Sergey Dozhdev and his spouse, with Oleg Kuznetsov and Ekaterina Kadina listed as partners. The second company had Sergey Dozhdev, Ekaterina Kadina, and Valery Kulibaba as equity holders. 

Sergey Dozhev  Sergey Dozhdev says in his last statement (as per the court records):  «The real Russian mafia is those who rule the world. In particular, it includes Igor Sechin, a man who took over Sistema through Bashneft and MTS using his offshore companies. The Rotenberg brothers, who control the Platon Company, are in the mafia too. 75 percent of Platon belongs to offshore companies, which the Rotenbergs use to siphon off money to Europe. Arnold Tamm used to co-own Sistema. However, he had a disagreement with the Rotenberg brothers, and Herman Gref ceased the refinancing of loans through his son Arkady. The company incurred artificial liabilities, and Sechin bought it at a low price through offshore companies.»