Mikhail Monastyrski on Tambov (Tambovskaya) gang protection by FSB generals

monastyrski on tambov gang sechin and putin

Part of the Troika (literally means “Petrov, Malyshev and Kuzmin”) trial. Mikhail Monastyrky died in a car accident shortly after he warned Spanish police on the threats to him. On March 1st, 2018 in court in Madrid, the Monastyrsky’s testimony was presented posthumously by a Spanish policemen who interrogated him back to March 9, 2007.

The policeman asks Mikhail whether the crime group in question (Tambovskaya) exists, even if Mikhail were to deny his appurtenance to this structure. Mikhail responds that the matter is complicated and says the organization was created artificially by a St. Petersburg FSB.

Monastyrsky: <> They are people who protect KUMARIN and KUMARIN protects their money, gives them their money. These people know that KUMARIN is not going to steal from them, are not going to run away and they know that while KUMARIN is there he will provide them with money. I will give two name is about Igor SECHIN and Alexander KARMATSKY, regardless of everyone else…”

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