UEFA’s investigation on bribery of Bayern Munich, 2009

Petrov Telefonprotokoll Zenit Petersburg_recognized

UEFA’s classified preliminary investigation on bribery of Bayern Munich by Zenit FC. The file is signed by Rudolf Stinner on April 5, 2009.

The investigation started when prosecutors in charge of Spanish criminal case “Troikatransferred to German authorities the conversations where the main defendant Petrov is discussing Bayern Munich vs Zenit Sankt-Petersburg’s match with other interlocutors. Discussed are the alleged bribe and also the score – 0:4 in favour of Zenit, which one of Petrov’s interlocutors knew in advance.

UEFA’s investigation established that Munich’s Prosecutor’s office decided to drop the case, giving economic power of Bayern Munich and a possible shock which would follow an official probe.

In its turn, UEFA’s investigator Rudolf Stinner describes that Bayern’s Prosecutor’s office received an anonymous complaint  one of the top managers of Bayern Munich was paid 2 million euros on his private account.

Also, explains Stinner, one defendant in the Spanish probe “Troika” is a Berlin’s resident Mikhail Rebo. His wife Tatiana Rebo is vice president of the Latvian Parex Bank.  It has just opened a branch in Bayern in June 2008. Finally, one of the enterprises involved in dubious transactions should be Gazprom, writes Rudolf Stinner. (Gazprom is sponsor of Zenit – Sankt Petersburg). For background, Stinner explains that Vladimir Kumarin was a friend of the banker Vladimir Kogan, who is known as Putin’s private banker. Kumarin was founder of Tambovskaya gang, but later was defeated by Petrov and put in prison.

In Swiss press, allegations that 22 million euros were paid in cash and also in investments in Bayern Munich’s infrastructure, were published in 2010. In the same time, their veracity is unclear, explains Hebdo magazine. Private investigators wanted to see Petrov in person but finally it did not happen. Curious enough, Gennady Petrov is named by Hebdo “a former FSB officer”, while Stinner is accused of “providing false information on Petrov”.

One of the conversations from which the UEFA’s investigation started, is available on TBCA:

May 13, 2008 at 13:41:52. Conversation in Russian. Discussed are replacements at Russian FSB. Mentioned are Viktor Cherkesov, Nikolay Patrushev, Alexander Bortnikov, and a certain Sergey, a general – may be Sergey Korolyov (Korolev), who is close to Anatoly Serdyukov and Petrov  himself.

After discussing other staff, like St Petersburg’s oil Terminal (under Tambobvskaya gang’s control), Andrey Mirych says that Bayern Munich FC was given “50 millions” in order to fail against Zenit FC, as Mirych heard. The currency is not specified. (When the currency in not specified, most likely the interlocutors mean USD which is considered hard currency in comparison to rubles).

Petrov Telefonprotokoll Zenit Petersburg_recognized

Source: Jürgen Roth ´s archive.

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