Izmaylovskaya criminal case in Germany, witness’ Dzalol Khaidarov’s testimony

According to German Stuttgart’s Procesucutor’s Office’s proceedings (led to a judgement by 2010), in 2001 Alfa Group reached an agreement with Izmaylovskaya crime gang, after several meetings in Paris, over TNK’s ownership. Alfa Group allegedly paid $200 Million to Mikhail Chernoy.

Сomplaint – kazakh entrepreneur against Makhmudov, Izmaylovo gang – intimidation

(English below) Начальнику УВД Мангыстауской области Приходько Н.И. от Ахметова Жараса Амангельдиновича, Директора ТОО “Актал Лтд”, проживающего в городе Актау, тел… Ко мне, Ахметову Ж.А., в точение ноября месяца текущего года неоднократно с угрозами личной расправы обращались по телефону граждане Российской Федерации Махмудов Искандер и Кадыров Одыл. Махмудов Искандер и Кадыров Одыл известны как представители … Continue reading “Сomplaint – kazakh entrepreneur against Makhmudov, Izmaylovo gang – intimidation”

Lukoil’s link to mobster Zakhari Kalashov (Shakro)

Switzerland’s Prosecutor’s office rogatory letter to Spanish judge Fernando Andreu, 2005. Zakar Kalashov (nickname Shakro), linked to Solntsevskaya and Izmaylovskaya gangs, is said to be shareholder of a considerable part of Lukoil oil company.  Shakro was detained in Spain and later in Moscow whre his ties to high rank law enforcers were discovered.

TransWorld Group’s owners

Nominal founders (1996) of TransWorld Group, associated with the Chernoy brothers, which cooperated with the Solntsevskaya gang and later ended up with the Izmaylovskaya gang. TransWorld Group was an association of commodities traders controlling stakes in most of Russia’s aluminum smelters. In early 2000, TransWorld Group sold most of its aluminium holdings to Roman Abramovich, … Continue reading “TransWorld Group’s owners”

Izmaylovska sentence, Germany

Sentence issued in 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany, against Alexander Afanasiev and others — found guilty of money laundering and illicit association with the Izmaylovskaya criminal group. By way of background, the activity of Oleg Deripaska and Iskander Makhmudov is described by witnesses (found trustworthy by the court). The witness, Dzhalol Khaidarov, states that they were … Continue reading “Izmaylovska sentence, Germany”