Sentence, Troika criminal case, Spain

2018-10-18 sentencia operación Troika


Acquittal of all the 17 defendants in Spanish criminal case on Tambov gang on money laundering and organized crime group creation. Released on October 18, 2018. The “anti economic” transactions from Cyprus, Panama, Liberia and Liechtenstein to Spain by Gennadios (Gennadi) Petrov’s , Sergey Kuzmin and Alexander Malishev’s collaborators do not mean the money was criminal, the sentence states. Spanish judges acquit even two defendants which acknowledged themselves guilty in money laundering of  organized crime, Mikhail Rebo and Leon (Leonid) Khazine, stating the court is allowed to do so.

Spanish judges express high trust in Russian FSB reports. The arguments of the defendants: acquittal of Gennadi (Gennadios) Petrov, Alexander Malyshev and Sergey Kuzmin in Russian court in 1995 (see accusation’s conclusions on gangsters community and other materials from this 22-volumes case in the TBCA and also not denied press reports that Petrov bribed Russian justice in 1994). The Spanish sentence pretends Petrov does not belong to organized crime basing on two reports from Russian FSB and several more letters from different Russian law enforcement bodies, as well as the conviction for defamation of a Russian media for linking Gennadi Petrov and Ilias Traber to organized crime.

Spanish judges describe on two pages the conviction of a media in Russia for writing on Petrov and Traber were criminals (for background, see freedom of press in Russia), as prove of the innocence of defendants.

In the sentence, the defendant Vladislav Reznik is recognized as former member of managing board of the Bank Rossiya Gennadios Petrov  (the main defendant who escaped from Spain to Russia), is described as co- founder and shareholder of 27% of Bank Rossiya until 2003, which should prove his legal activity and high standard of life

The Russian-Swedish company Petrodin (one of the St Petersburg’s municipal casinos’ operators in the 90ths) is also mentioned by Spanish judges as a legal entity of Petrov expaining his wealth.

From TBCA on Petrodin: See Petrov’s Swedish partner’s letter, 1994

In the office of PETRODIN Joint-Venture a box with cash in plastic bag is found (1993), see search protocol of Petrodin, 1993. See also casino stand by Petrodin, established officially for “market research”.