Cedric O

Hacked files of Cedric O, the treasurer of Emmanuel Macron’s party, En Marche. Metadata with cyrillics shows that somebody called Georgi Petrovich Roshka [Георгий Петрович Рошка], later identified as an officer of military unit 26165 (also known as GRU 85 Main Special Service Center, dedicated to cryptanalysis), opened the hacked files in March 2017.

Marine Le Pen, who received some funds from a Russian bank, accused Macron of having “an offshore account” at a public debate, as did Russian TV. “Emmanuel Macron’s offshore fund”, “found” in the hacked emails, was uncovered as a fake.

See also https://theins.ru/uncategorized/76960?lang=en , https://www.mediapart.fr/journal/international/020617/la-piste-russe-des-macron-leaks-se-precise

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