PAVT 2017

Catalogue of the Russian IT Conference “PaVT”: “Parallel computing technologies”, 2017, Kazan. Catalogue lists “Georgi Petrovich Roshka [Георгий Петрович Рошка],

“Center for Strategic R&D researcher”, as a participant.

Metadata of the hacked files of Cedric O, treasurer of Emmanuel Macron’s party, En Marche. Metadata with cyrillics shows that somebody called “Georgi Petrovich Roshka [Георгий Петрович Рошка]” opened them in March 2017.

Marine Le Pen, who received some funds from a Russian bank, accused Macron of having “an offshore account” at a public debate, as did Russian TV. “Emmanuel Macron’s offshore fund”, as “found” in the hacked emails, was uncovered as a fake.

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