SMENA newspaper (St. Petersburg edition), from 31 March, 1992

Three articles mentioning Vladimir PUTIN:

1st: “Deputies and the city hall could and should work together”. Interview with the Chief of the City Hall Committee for External Relations, Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg, Vladimir PUTIN. PUTIN replies in his interview on complaints he did not properly manage the delivery of food to St. Petersburg in 1992.

2nd: “Is PUTIN confused by the devil?”. The story is that, while the food licenses were issued for St. Petersburg, the foods did not come to the city. The St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly investigation into this case by local deputies, Marina SALYE and Yuri GLADKOV, would find PUTIN responsible for food scandal.

3rd. “What does city mayor think about it?”. St. Petersburg mayor, Anatoly SOBCHAK, refutes all accusations against PUTIN and accuses SALYE and GLADKOV, along with journalists, of unprofessionalism.

Names mentioned:

Vladimir PUTIN

putin salye 92
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