Enablers in managing company of Bank Rossiya

Evidence of foreign enablers involved in the management of shares in Bank Rossiya (subject since 2014 to EU and US sanctions because of alleged ties to the Russian leadership).

Management company of assets of the Bank Rossiya – ABR Management – registered in Russia; its board of directors: Henri Proglio (France; close to Sarkozy), Angelo Codignoni (Italy; close to Berlusconi https://www.linkiesta.it/it/article/2014/03/21/le-sanzioni-contro-putin-puniscono-lamico-silvio/20294/) (Italian) and Marco Piccinini (Monégasque politician).

ABR Management is the holding company, in particular, for Bank Rossiya, Sogaz Insurance Group, and National Media Group.

The French businessman, Henri Proglio, also founded several entities in Russia:

“AP ENERDZHI EDVAIZORI”  (AP Energy Advisory) and “AP Consulting”. Possible traffic of influence. Former head of EDF — the French electricity monopoly. In France, Henri Proglio was suspected of conflict of interest and traffic of influence: https://www.lepoint.fr/societe/henri-proglio-vise-par-une-enquete-pour-trafic-d-influence-08-06-2014-1833696_23.php

ABR Managment also founded “VENCHURNAYA INVESTITSIONNAYA KOMPANIYA” (Venture Investments Company) in St Petersburg.

Proglio Codignoni
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