Russian mafia case in Spain: conviction for tax evasion of the defendant Salikov

Yuri Salikov was acquitted in the Russian mafia case (Troika case) in 2018 in Spain, on charges of money laundering of the Tambov gang funds, like all the other defendants. While the sentence recognized the suspicious transactions as “anti economic”, the difficulty was to prove the predicate offence when Russian authorities gave contradictory reports to …

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Kirill Shamalov’s secret Monégasque company

Minutes of decisions of the single shareholder of the Monégasque SCP ALTA MIRA, unique founder of the French company, SCI Atlantic, on the transfer of shares from Gennady and Elena Timchenko to SCP ALTA MIRA, represented by Kirill Shamalov, “manager” (“gérant”), registered in Monaco. This is a way for the Timchenkos to sell a €4.5-million …

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Sentence, Troika criminal case, Spain

Acquittal of all 17 defendants in the Spanish criminal case against the Tambov gang on charges of money laundering and creation of an organized crime group. Released on October 18, 2018. The “anti-economic” transactions from Cyprus, Panama, Liberia, and Liechtenstein to Spain by collaborators of Gennadios (Gennady) Petrov, Sergey Kuzmin, and Alexander Malishev do not …

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Bank Rossiya CPSU money

  Order by the Saint-Petersburg Mayor Anatolyi Sobchak “On Transfer of Funds Previously Owned by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union” on accounts of the Bank Rossiya 13 March 1992

Enablers in managing company of Bank Rossiya

Evidence of foreign enablers involved in the management of shares in Bank Rossiya (subject since 2014 to EU and US sanctions because of alleged ties to the Russian leadership). Management company of assets of the Bank Rossiya – ABR Management – registered in Russia; its board of directors: Henri Proglio (France; close to Sarkozy), Angelo …

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