Conviction in Spain of a Malyshevskaya gang member

Condena Ussova

In late December 2021, sister of Alexander Malyshev’s wife, Irina Ussova, was sentenced to a year in prison and a fine for money laundering in the interests of the criminal authority Alexander Malyshev. According to the telephone wire taps recorded in the framework of the Troika case (2007-2008), Malyshev led a criminal organization, which also included Gennady Petrov, who continues to be in the status of suspect, says the sentence. Usova received money from a company associated with Petrov’s company, which was later bought by State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik. Reznik was cleared in the Troika case in 2018 in Spain.

Lawyer of the another defendant, Juan Untoria, claimed that Gennady Petrov is not a criminal but a wealthy businessman, who was agent of KGB and knew Putin there. Petrov himself escaped to Russia after serving a pre-trial detention in 2008-2009 in Spain and did not face the trial.

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