Federatsiya Foundation 2011: Kiselev, Malofeev, Taiwanchik, Seagal

federatsiya foundation 2011 kiselev malofeev tokhtakhunov

Secret list of those invited to the second closed concert of the Foundation “Federatsiya” in Moscow on July 9–10, 2011. Federatsiya was founded by Vladimir Kiselev. In 1993, he was arrested as a member of the Malyshevskaya organized criminal group (also known as the Tambov gang), familiar to Vladimir Putin, according to Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, who spoke to Radio Liberty (Russian). During the first concert of the Foundation Federatsiya in St. Petersburg in 2010, Vladimir Putin himself played piano.

The second concert in 2011 was guarded by the FSB. Sponsor — Konstantin Malofeev. Invited — Taiwanchik (Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov), wanted by interpol; Minister of Culture, Alexander Avdeev; Steven Seagal and other Hollywood stars.

Possible traffic of influence. Aside are noted invitations to civil servants — S.V. Vasiliev(Head of Rosreestr, State Registration Service); R.E. Artyukhin (Head of the Federal Treasury); T.G. Nesterenko (Deputy Minister of Finance); A.V. Gusev (Judicial Department of the Supreme Court); etc.

Purportedly charity events, the concerts became known because families, who were meant to have received help from the Foundation, as the Foundation itself had publicised, complained that they did not receive anything. During the first concert, the Foundation was not registered and only appeared back-dated in official records.

Its founder, Vladimir Kiselev, was also mentioned in the inspection report of the Ministry of Finance relating to funds from St. Petersburg’s budget distributed to the XXth Trust company for construction works in the city. XXth Trust then transferred a portion to Kiselev and he transferred the funds to California. A criminal case was initiated in 2000 and later dropped and the chief investigator was forced to retire.


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