Federatsiya Foundation 2011: Kiselev, Malofeev, Taiwanchik, Seagal

Secret list of those invited to the second closed concert of the Foundation “Federatsiya” in Moscow on July 9–10, 2011. Federatsiya was founded by Vladimir Kiselev. In 1993, he was arrested as a member of the Malyshevskaya organized criminal group (also known as the Tambov gang), familiar to Vladimir Putin, according to Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry …

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Club 2004 co-owned by Putin

Due diligence information on the St. Petersburg public organization, “Club 2004”. Chief: Director General — SOBCHAK Anatoly Aleksandrovich, St. Petersburg Mayor (1991–1996). Founders of organization: SOBCHAK Anatoly Aleksandrovich MALYSHEV Valeriy Ivanovich PUTIN Vladimir Vladimirovich PIOTROVSKIY Mikhail Borisovich PASYNCHUK Voldemar Grigorievich KULIKOV Yevgeniy Nikolaevich LATYSHEVA Natalia Dmitrievna Дата 01.11.2013 года Полное наименование организации Санкт-Петербургская общественная организация …

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Showman Vladimir Kiselyov and Malyshevskaya criminal organization

OPERATIVE FILE ON KISELYOV (KISELEV) A reference to Vladimir Vladimirovich KISELYOV (KISELEV), Assistant to St. Petersburg Mayor, Anatoly SOBCHAK. KISELYOV was the right-hand man of Gennady PETROV, one of leaders of the “Malyshevskaya” crime group. He was dealing in racketeering and extortion of money from St. Petersburg businessmen in the interests of SOBCHAK’s mayoral election …

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Kabachinov Audit Statement: The XXth trust

Audit statement (Akt) from the check on financial and economic operations of the joint-stock company, “Construction and Financial Corporation — The Twentieth Trust” (Rus. KORPORATSIA DVADTCATIY TREST) for 1993, 1994, 1994, 1995. Names mentioned: Sergey NIKESHIN Vladimir PUTIN Piotr ANDRUSHEVICH Vladimir KISELYOV (aka KISELEV) Entities: XXth Trust, Astrobank