NOTE ON TORSHIN, from Spain’s Guardia Civil


Deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia and ex-senator Alexander Torshin barely escaped arrest in Spain for laundering the Taganskaya gang’s money.  Spanish prosecutor began the investigation in 2012. Torshin’s frontman Alexander Romanov, who had phone conversations and other correspondence with Toprshin (see files of taped conversation and other evidence, in Spanish) allowing to designate him as such, was convicted on Mallorca in 2013 for money laundering.

Romanov was taken into custody in December 2013 and got a prison sentence of 3 years and 9 months for money laundering and document falsification, along with a fine of 4,244,000 euros (as ruled by the District Court of the Balearic Islands on May 26, 2016).

In late 2014, Konstantin Malofeev announced a Joint Venture with CFG investment foundation, where Alexander Torshin was supposed to be a member of advisory board. 4 days after this information became public, CFG deleted Torshin’s name from their website, but it was cached.

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