Gennady Petrov from Tambov gang to promote Alexander Bastrykin’s appointment chief of the Russian Investigative Committee

On July 6, 2020, UK imposed assets freeze and travel ban on the Chief of Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin over human rights violations, in the frame of the new global Magnitsky act.

As stated on the accusation act of Troika – Tambovskaya gang case in Spain, “Gennady Petrov whos direct relation to high ranked officers, of the Russian security forces, whom he has at his service, in particular, with Alexander Bartrykin”, 2015.

Listen to audio files, submitted to Troika’s trial in Madrid in 2018.

Alexander Bastrykin got his appointment as head of the Russian Investigative Committee through the crime lord’s connections. The criminal community welcomed his promotion.

Officially, Bastrykin was appointed head of the newly established Investigative Committee by the Council of Federation on June 22, 2007. 

At that time, the phone of Petrov was on tape. From the various conversations it is clear that, having secured Bastrykin’s and Bastrykin’s deputy appointments, Petrov was even helping them to free a good location for their office in Moscow, from previous tenants.

  1. 22/06/2007, at 18:41

    Nikolay Aulov, in 2207-2016 deputy chief of FSKN – Russian anti drug police is calling Petrov. Aulov: “did you hear, Sasha [Russian diminutive for Alexander ] is appointed”.

  2. 22/06/2007, at 19:03 Ylya Traber is calling Petrov

    Petrov: “Did you hear, this Sasha, Shasha B., you know who, is apointed head of this new Investigative sh***”. Ilya Traber: “All right then”.

  3.  1) 25/06/2007 at 09-49 Igor Sobolevski is calling Petrov. Sobolevski is worried that already “three deputies” [of the head of the Investigative Committee] are appointed and not him. Petrov promises to call “Slavka” [State Duma’s member Vladislav Reznik] on this.

2) 25/06/2007 at 10-44

Petrov is calling Vladislav Reznik. Petrov: “Igor called me. He says three persons were already appointed. Please find out and tell me “yes” or “no”. I feel uncomfortable for Igor”. Reznik: “Okay, absolutely”.

3) 25/06/2007 at 11: 49 Petrov is calling back Igor Sobolevski. He says that he has “reached Slavka” and “Slavka said everything is alright, he will reach  him and call back”. Sobolevsky: “Okay, we can only wait. But it’s ok, we’ve waited for more long”. Petrov: “a month and a half”. Sobolevsky: “And if we take the story as a whole, more than one year it has being lasted”.  Petrov: “Don’t worry, we keep leaning on them”. Sobolevsky: ” <> Have you heard about Sasha? He’s appointed. On Friday there was a presidential decree. Everything came out as we planned”.

in Russian:

– Ну я дозвонился до Славки, он сказал, что дозвониться, перезвонит и скажет. Не дергайся. Сказал, все нормально.

– Ну что, нам только остается ждать. Подождем, больше ждали.

– Полтора месяца.

– А если взять всю историю, то это уже и за год.

– Все равно все будет нормально. Дожмем, дожуем их.

– Хорошо, буду ждать звонка. <> В любом случае, тебе большое спасибо. <> Первые сроки были в начале июня, они уже пропущены. <> Слышал, по Саше? Назначили его.

– Ну так должны. Там со всех сторон было… Время тоже сколько шло.

– Время шло довольно долго. В пятницу был указ президента. Все как мы с тобой планировали, так оно и полочилось.

4) 26/06/07 14:32

Reznik calls back Petrov on Sobolevsky’s apointment. Reznik: “Hi, darling. Listen, I had a conversation on that yesterday. He told me that he had no time yet but he will accomplish it”.

They also discuss Petrov’s new yacht inauguration in Sankt-Petersburg which Reznik will visit instead of Petrov himself who is in Spain.


4. 28/06/2007 Igor Sobolevski (he was successfully appointed Bastrykin’s deputy in the meanwhile) calls  Petrov about celebration of the appointment of “Sasha” to his position.  Bastrykin, through Sobolevsky, asks to invite “Pervyi” [Anatoly Serdyukov]. Sobolevsky: “only five people will come. All these people are, you understand yourself, who”. Petrov: “yes, I do”.

5.  29/06/07

Gennady Petrov calls Anton Petrov.

Gennady Petrov: “Sasha, the one who became the first person of this Investigative *** invites Pervyi (Anatoly Serdyukov) to come to visit him.”

Anton Petrov: “I´ll tell him in person”

Gennadi Petrov: “Or throuph Boltay-Noga” [FSB general Sergey Korolev]

6. In a few months, on April 6, 2008, Petrov is calling Sobolevsky. Sobolevsly: “Hi, buddy” (“Привет, дружбан” in Russian). Petrov: “You said you and Sasha need a new location. I´m now discussing this and a man says there is no problem. I´m passing him“.


– “Good afternoon. I´m Sobolevsky Igor Borisovich. Together with Bastrykin we now work on a new location. We don’t fit the building we now have. Federal Agency for State Property Management [Rosimushestvo] proposed us a building on ul. Kazakova. There you [reference to the Ministry of Defense] have two your FSUE [Federal State Unitary Enterprise, FGUP in Russian], NII [Research Institute] of the Radio, its head is Butenko Viktor Vladimirovich, and FGUP of the Radio, headed by Gerasimenko Anatoly Pavlovich.

Unknown person [possibly Sergey Korolev, then Anatoly Serdyukov’s aide at the ministry of Defense, now head of the Service of Economic Security of FSB, called Boltay Noga by Petrov]: – And where they will move?

Sobolevsky: – Nearby there is a a high-rise building.

Korolev: – It belongs also to them. Let Butenko write a letter to me that he does not object to move and the question will be closed.

Sobolevsky: – Will he agree to write such a letter to you? Will it be correct?

Korolev: – Absolutely correct. According to subordination. This is no problem.

Sobolevsky: – May be let’s do this. Bastrykin will write a letter and we will speak to Butenko and Gerasimenko and to ask them also to write such letters.

Korolev: – Very good. It would be even better.

Sobolevsky: – Let’s do this. Next week, don’t you plan any trips?

Korolev: – I’ll be in Moscow the whole week.

Sobolevsky: – I’ll ask Bastryking to get in touch with you. Probably you can speak or even meet with him.

Korolev:of course. – If he calls me, I’ll be very happy.

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