Sam Kislin’s letter to US Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovich

Letter to US Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovich, written on January 4, 2018 by the representative of the Opalcore Ltd. (Cyprus), and its sole beneficial shareholder, Trans Commodities New York, Inc.

Trans Commodities New York, Inc. (“TCNY”)  is controlled in its turn by Soviet emigré Sam Kislin (former partner of Chernoy brothers from Izmaylovo gang  and self proclamed partner of Donald Trump, Fred Trump and fund raiser for Rudy Giuliani). Kislin’s lawyer Jefferey C. Dannenberg is complaining to Yovanovich about the Ukrainian local court of Kramatorsk, which, without the knowledge of then Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, froze assets of $20,037,088.00 (USD), and post-maturity interest in the sum of $942,940.79 (USD). The reason is investigation into bonds issued in 2013 under the president Viktor Yanukovich.

Source: Slidstvo.Info.

Partner of the whistle blower from Magnitsky case, banker from liquidated Russian banks, as an ambitious Czech developer

In 2010 The banker Alexander Perepilichny emigrated from Russia and gave bank wire documents to Hermitage Capital, becoming a whistle blower who had help to uncover a huge tax fraud case in Russia, more known as “Magnitsky case”. Before emigration, Perepilichny had businesses in Moscow with his classmates Gregory Bubnov and Alexander Semenov.

Perepilichny, along with Grigory Bubnov and Alexander Semenov, participated in several financial projects, the most famous of which were East Bridge Bank, Pushkino Bank and Financial Bridge (aka Finbridge). According to Perepilichny, when at the end of 2009 he returned to Russia from a business trip, he was met right at the airport and, threatened with a pistol, pushed into a car and forced to sign debt obligations. Semenov ad Bubnov subsequently sued Perepilichny on behalf of newly established by bank Pushkino companies.

A local banker from Mari-El, Russia, was complaining that Semenov, Bubnov and others, 5 people “invited me and began to offer to buy a hotel for the office of Sberbank. I immediately told them that such a building will not meet the necessary requirements. The conversation went on in another aspect, purely with a gangster vocabulary. They answered me, “you should think, you know who is behind us” (see more here).

Based on the frame of activity of Perepilichny and his whistle blowing of inside information on Magnitsky case, his acquaintance suggests that he “could have been involved in cashing out illegally reimbursed VAT”. All this scheme might be a “cancerous tumour on the body of the Russian economy, which everyone knows.” In 2012, Alexander Perepilichny died aged 44 in UK amid mysterious circumstances.

Pushkino Bank, established in 1990, was liquidated by Russian authorities in 2013, as well as East Bridge Bank and Financial Bridge.  One of the former shareholders of bank Pushkino left Russia and is wanted by Russian authorities “for fraud”.In 2013 one of the major shareholders of Pushkino became Alexander Dobrovisnki (partner and self proclaimed friend of the powerful Ilias Traber from Tambov gang).

Since 2017, Gregory Bubnov is a shareholder of several real estate companies in the Czech Republic. He’s simply presented by media as “a local Czech entrepreneur of Russian origin (no link to the bank Pushkino)” with huge construction projects in Prague, partner of Alexander Ruchyev, real estate developer from Russia. After investing Mio 60 $ in Czech republic, the companies plan to expand activity to Stuttgart, Germany, and Austria.

Czech entities of Bubnov are : G2 Group s.r.o., VLK development s.r.o, Wild Stone International s.r.o.

Wild Stone International s.r.o.
G2 group s.r.o.(4)
VLK development s.r.o.


Protest letter of the Russian Ambassador to Australian television against Litvinenko’s interview.

Ru embassy phillipic on Litvinenko

Russian Ambassador to Australia is unhappy about TV report featuring Alexander Litvinenko called “Crimes of the Kremlin”. Letter from 22 May, 2003 to the chairman of SBS: “…Unfortunately your yesterday’s Dateline program “Crimes of the Kremlin” shattered my believe that SBS is promoting understanding between countries and nationalities. In feet, it smacks of the worst Cold War era cliches. It is indeed one of the most blatantly biased and unbalanced piece of propaganda I’ve ever seen in recent years. Certainly, I’ve never expected to see anything like this in Australia.
After viewing this stuff I want to ask a very simple question. What or who stimulated SBS interest in the conspiracy theory which had long lost any appeal to anybody?..”

See previous reporting by Alexander Litvinenko on corruption in Russia.

Source: Yuri Felshtinsky’s archive.

Izmaylovskaya criminal case in Germany, witness’ Dzalol Khaidarov’s testimony

Ismailovskaja Vernehmung LG Stuttgart

According to German Stuttgart’s Procesucutor’s Office’s proceedings (led to a judgement by 2010), in 2001 Alfa Group reached an agreement with Izmaylovskaya crime gang, after several meetings in Paris, over TNK’s ownership. Alfa Group allegedly paid $200 Million to Mikhail Chernoy.

Billionaire Sergey Adoniev’s indictment in the US, 1996 (scam)


Sergey Chemezov’s partner, co-founder of Yota-Phone, Sergey Adonyev (Sergei or Serguei  Adoniev) was charged of conspiracy to commit a crime accusation in the US and pleaded guilty. See more:  Citizen cocaine. What connects billionaire Sergei Adonyev, cocaine smuggling and Putin (The Insider).

Izmaylovskaya sentence, Germany

ATTENTION: The file has been redacted by editors of TBCA following the court order of the Regional Court of Hamburg, dated August 7, 2019 (Case No. 324 O 343/19). For more details please, contact the TBCA team.

Sentence issued in 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany, against Alexander Afanasiev and others — found guilty of money laundering and illicit association with the Izmaylovskaya criminal group. By way of background, the activity of Oleg Deripaska and Iskander Makhmudov is described by witnesses (found trustworthy by the court). The witness, Dzhalol Khaidarov, states that they were all part of Izmaylovskaya, led by Mikhail Chernoy and Anton Malevski, and laundered criminal money in Germany and other countries.


Rogatory Letter on SPAG to Liechtenstein

SPAG rogatory letter to Liechtenstein Smirnov

Rogatory letter on SPAG to Liechtenstein from the Prosecutor’s office of Darmstadt, Germany.  The document describes the history on SPAG’s registration: in 1989 two companies were registred in Liechtenstein by Rudolf Ritter. On September 27, 1990 a German-Soviet Joint Venture JV Inorm Future is created by Vladimir Smirnov in Leningrad, USSR. On August 27, 1992, is Inform-Future GmbH by Putin’s International relation’s committee of the St Petersburg registered, as legal successor of JV Inform Future. Liechtenstein Ritter’s off shore and Inforn Future of Vladimir Putin’s dacha neighbor Vladimir Smirnov, German Markus Rese and others.

The acount is open at Dresdner Bank. Former chief of the BNP Parisbas Branch in Switzerland Francisco Guadamillas, Rudolf Ritter and Markus Rese are authorized on the account. SPAG increased its capital and there was suspicious that it was with money of criminal organizations.

Aras Agalarov and the Vinokur Foundation

Oleg Fraev, President of the managing board of the Trade House, “Vinokur and Co.” (shareholders: Vladimir Vinokur 49%, Inna Ilyina 51%), signs the letter in which he thanks the oligarch, Aras Agalarov, “for understanding and patience” and undertakes to repay his $4 million debt to Agalarov by the end of 2009.

A former associate of Vinokur claims possible traffic of influence by Vinokur, paid for by Agalarov.

Famous Russian actor, Vladimir Vinokur, is mentioned in the Solntsevskaya case in Italy (“Spider Web”); he proclaims himself a good friend of Sergei Lalakin (head of the Podolskaya criminal organization, mentioned in particular here in the TBCA); Vinokur was proud of friendship with Shabtai Kalmanovich (suspected of links with organized crime group, Solntsevskaya (see Spider Web); shot dead in Moscow in 2009). At the same time, Vinokur is in contact with Vladimir Kozhin — former head of the Administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation. Vinokur is proud that Putin visited him on his birthday etc.

Agalarov Vinocur Fraev