Paul Manafort to help bringing down Spanish anti-corruption prosecutors in Andorra money laundering case

In 2017 Paul Manafort had a meeting with three Spanish nationals wanting to “bring down prosecutor Grinda” and his colleagues. One of the interlocutors was now imprisonned police’s officer José Villarejo, two others – businessmen from Andorra’s private bank investigated for money laundering since 2012 (among them – of Russian clients).

Literal transcription (Spanish):

Alberto Padrazo (Andorra’s private bank): No hay que moverse, tienen que irse de España [los hermanos Cierco]. Y se tienen que ir porque esto es todo un puta encerrona… Que el Gobierno andorrano no te quita a Grinda, eso solo viene de una parte, eso solo viene de una parte: de Paul Manafort [que en el que se han reunido el día anterior en Nueva York] y si no el famoso juicio 81, que es una macrocausa, que les vamos a sentar a todos en el banquillo y van a intentar… y el Gobierno de Andorra cuando vea que estos tíos tienen el apoyo de España y de Estados Unidos [Por Mariano Rajoy y Donald Trump] no van a tener cojones de hacer nada… Intento no precipitarme, yo que llevo trabajando un año en este tema (ininteligible) y le digo: “Mira, Javier, siempre es lo mismo… ‘Es que tengo papeles de no sé qué, de los Pujol’, nosotros no tenemos nada, darnos todo”.

English translation: The Andorran government does not take away Grinda [prosecutor called “Spain’s Robert Mueller”] from our  path, that can only come  from one part, that only comes from one part: from Paul Manafort … and if not, the famous trial 81, which is a macrocause, that we will all sit on the bench and they will try … and the Government of Andorra when it sees that these buddies have the support of Spain [at the level above prosecutors] and the United States they are not going to have anything to do … I try not to rush, I have been working on this subject for a year  and the Government of Andorra…”

Alberto Pedraza, one of the interlocutors explained about Manafort: “I am a businessman who is looking for business. I was invited to a trip to meet Paul Manafort and I went, but I have nothing to do with what Villarejo and De la Joya will get in their hands. Besides, what is told in a conversation like this and what happens next in real life makes a lot of difference. “

The same conspirators also discuss plans to accuse Grinda and other two anti-corruption prosecutors of paedophilia in another tapes. This happened in real life (accusations emerged and continue circulate in “alternative media” in Spain). The investigations are ongoing amid suspicions that Russian mobsters and an oligarch backed it.

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