Protest letter of the Russian Ambassador to Australian television against Litvinenko’s interview.

Ru embassy phillipic on Litvinenko

Russian Ambassador to Australia is unhappy about TV report featuring Alexander Litvinenko called “Crimes of the Kremlin”. Letter from 22 May, 2003 to the chairman of SBS: “…Unfortunately your yesterday’s Dateline program “Crimes of the Kremlin” shattered my believe that SBS is promoting understanding between countries and nationalities. In feet, it smacks of the worst Cold War era cliches. It is indeed one of the most blatantly biased and unbalanced piece of propaganda I’ve ever seen in recent years. Certainly, I’ve never expected to see anything like this in Australia.
After viewing this stuff I want to ask a very simple question. What or who stimulated SBS interest in the conspiracy theory which had long lost any appeal to anybody?..”

See previous reporting by Alexander Litvinenko on corruption in Russia.

Source: Yuri Felshtinsky’s archive.

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