Radio For Peace International podcast on Alexander Bastrykin

Short wave  Radio For Peace international ´s broadcast from April 13 2022. Russian language. Russia’s Investigative Committee’s chief Alexandre Bastrykin is in charge of investigating “war crimes of Ukraine”. He also launched a “TV program” on “historical truth on Ukraine”: Za Delo! This is a new project of the Sledkom TV channel, based on historical facts and results of modern investigations about the events unfolding in Ukraine today. When and under what circumstances did Ukraine appear on the world map? Who develops biological weapons in this country? Why does Ukraine wage an information war? The answers to these and many other questions will be provided in the new episodes of the Za Delo! project.”

As TBCA shows, Bastrykin was advanced to his current position in 2007 by Gennady Petrov, leader of Tambov gang, in 2007. Russia’s Investigative Committee,  non existent before, was newly created on this purpose.

See also: “El Periodico”, SpainPutin commissions a prosecutor linked to the mafia in Spain to investigate the crimes in Ukraine“.

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