Rogatory Letter on SPAG to Liechtenstein

SPAG rogatory letter to Liechtenstein Smirnov

Rogatory letter on SPAG to Liechtenstein from the Prosecutor’s office of Darmstadt, Germany.  The document describes the history on SPAG’s registration: in 1989 two companies were registred in Liechtenstein by Rudolf Ritter. On September 27, 1990 a German-Soviet Joint Venture JV Inorm Future is created by Vladimir Smirnov in Leningrad, USSR. On August 27, 1992, is Inform-Future GmbH by Putin’s International relation’s committee of the St Petersburg registered, as legal successor of JV Inform Future. Liechtenstein Ritter’s off shore and Inforn Future of Vladimir Putin’s dacha neighbor Vladimir Smirnov, German Markus Rese and others.

The acount is open at Dresdner Bank. Former chief of the BNP Parisbas Branch in Switzerland Francisco Guadamillas, Rudolf Ritter and Markus Rese are authorized on the account. SPAG increased its capital and there was suspicious that it was with money of criminal organizations.

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