Shadkhan’s movie transcript

In 1991, Vladimir Putin commissioned a Russian-language documentary about himself: “Vlast” (Power), produced by “Russkoye video”, director Igor Shadkhan. Broadcast in early 1992 on St Petersburg television (for details:, PBS Frontline, 2015). Asked about his achievements as vice-mayor of St Petersburg, Putin replies that they include the opening of branches of foreign banks, Credit Lyonnais and Dresdner Bank, as well as “negotiations with the American firm, Marc Rich” (later Swiss firm, Glencore). Marc Rich himself was prosecuted for tax avoidance in the US, dating back to 1983. For more details on Glencore’s suspected involvement in corruption in Russia, see the Spider Web case. In 2017, a complaint against Glencore was submitted to Swiss prosecution , presumably in relation to corrupt acting in the DRC.

Shadkhan movie transcript
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