Gafur Rakhimov, French Interior’s note

Rakhimobv France from Roth

Information note of the French Ministry of the Interior on Gafur Rakhimov from 5 February 1998.

On 22 January 1998, at the arrival of a flight from ZURICH (Switzerland), the Immigration Control Service of BOURGET carried out the examination of the situation of an Uzbek businessman.
It is :

RAKHIMOV Gafur (Gafour), born on 22 July 1951 in TASHKENT (Uzbekistan), holder of ordinary passport N # CAO664150 on a Schengen visa N * F31069651 valid until 10.04.98 (90 days multiple entries), domiciled in TASHKENT.

Although holding a valid visa, it appeared after the departure of the passenger terminal that he was known “as one of the main members of the Uzbek mafia whose presence in France would pose a threat serious for the public security “, to be” in relation with the circles of organized crime of ex-Soviet origin” and finally to be” in contact with important members of the organized crime coming from the CIS, in relation with ALIMJAN TOKHTAKHOUNOV and would be with SALIM ABDOUVALIEV co-godfather of TASHKENT” and as such is registered in the Wanted Persons File under reference numbers TE 9600214RE, S 9400758ST, and S 9700200RG.
He was accompanied by M. de CHARETTE from CONTRIE Georges, director of the airline Air Entreprise, and RYBALSKI Yaakov, of Israeli nationality. The latter is also known “as being in connection with the circles of organized crime of ex-Soviet origin” and is the subject of an inscription to the RPF under the number S9400754ST. (See annex passenger identities).
On 29 January 1998, the same post noted the departure of a flight for TASHKENT (Uzbekistan), with on board the named RAKHIMOV Gafour accompanied by RIBALSKI Yaakov. It should be noted that on 31 January 1998, the named CHARETTE de la CONTRIE Georges, accompanied by two Israeli passengers also left the BOURGET airport for KICHINEV (Moldova).

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