Alexander Litvinenko´s videotape transcript: protection of organized crime by FSB, parts 2 and 3


Ex lieutenant colonel of FSB Alexander Litvinenko, murdered by radioactive polonium in London in 2006, was videotaped by the Australian journalist Nick Lazaredes in 2003, for the documentary “Crimes of the Kremlin”.

Litvinenko speaks on his personal story, corruption of FSB, links to organized crime, concrete top FSB officers, as well is on his meeting with Putin in 1998, the head of FSB, to discuss those ties.


18:43:12 What did I feel when I went to see Putin?
18:48:02 Yes, Putin…18:50:00
18:53:14 Well, I… well, I had only one meeting with Putin. He was the Director of the FSB, I came to his office. He called me. I’ll tell you I immediately realised he was lying. I mean, I looked into his eyes… he never looks you i the eye, he lowers his eyes. Well, I… We started speaking about serious matters, I gave him that report and said “In principle, Vladimir Vladimirovich, … the situation, and I’m not speaking about the country as a whole, even if we take just the FSB the situation is critical. There are, for all practical purposes there are criminal gangs led… that are led by our generals.” 19:31:14

17:48:12 I also know that they staged an attempt, Gusak was staging an attempt on a crime boss Lalahin, that’s a crime boss from Podol’sk, he’s called “Luchok” (little onion) and his surname is Lalahin [Lalakin]. Two agents of Gusak’s boobytrapped his car; it was all under Gusak’s control. Gusak himself kept his distance, he just passed the explosives on to his two agents, an explosive device. When they were attaching that device to Lalakin’s car, it might be one of them received a pager call, the device exploded and two Gusak’s agents died in that explosion… It’s a wellknown story so it’s… 18:26:00

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