Alexander Litvinenko´s videotape transcript: protection of organized crime by FSB, part 1


Ex lieutenant colonel of FSB Alexander Litvinenko, murdered by radioactive polonium in London in 2006, was videotaped by the Australian journalist Nick Lazaredes in 2003, for the documentary “Crimes of the Kremlin”.

Litvinenko speaks on his personal story, corruption of FSB, links to organized crime, concrete top FSB officers, as well is on his meeting with Putin in 1998, the head of FSB, to discuss those ties.

“The  only  thing  I was told by an officer of the internal security Directorate that I’ve  met  was  “ Sasha,  they  sell  tanks,  they  sell  arms,  they  sell…  I mean, heavy arms, to Africa. Those arms  go  to  the  Middle  East.”  34:55:08
34:56:20  I   mean  now…     To  corroborate  these  words…  I   saw  in  the  office  of  my  head  of  Directorate,  Hoholkov [Evgeny Khokholkov],  that  group  was  l inked  to  Hoholkov…  we  actually  had  Hoholkov,  the  former  head of our  Directorate,  on  file  as  one  of  the  top  people  in  that  group…  I once saw Boot [Bout]  in  his  office. There’s  now  an international warrant out for this Boot for illegal arms  deals.  35:26:00

35:26:04  That  man  had  ties  to  Ukrainian  criminal  groups,  that  man,  according  to  our  records, had  ties  to  the  son  of  Derkach,  the  former  head  o f  SBU  (Ukrainian  Security  Service)  and  one  of  the  closest  associates  of  Ukrainian  President  Kuchma.  On top of that there were links, there  were threads going to the illegal sale of drugs. I mean,  the  head of our Directorate, Hoholkov,  and  it  was  him  who  ended  up  in  our  sights,  his  connections…  He had links, he associated  with  criminal  groups  that  were  running  drugs  from  Afghanistan”.

For background see also: Interrogatory of Alexander Litvinenko by Spain’s law enforcers in London, 1st of June 2006 (featuring Khokholkov and other characters): Khokholkov covered up heroin trafficking from Afghanistan, controlled by a group formed by Putin, Chemoi, Ivankov and Rakhimov (Gafur).

See also: affidavit by German Gorbuntsov, whistle blower in the Russian laundromat case. On April 10 2009 in Moscow, Gorbunstov attended a meeting in presence of Solntsevskaya representative Viktor Averin and retired FSB general Evgeny Khokholkov, where he was threatened and the process of extortion began. Gorbunstov survived an assassination attempt.

See also: Cooperation between FSB and organized crime, Swiss DPA’s analytical report, 2007.

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