Aras Agalarov and the Vinokur Foundation

Oleg Fraev, President of the managing board of the Trade House, “Vinokur and Co.” (shareholders: Vladimir Vinokur 49%, Inna Ilyina 51%), signs the letter in which he thanks the oligarch, Aras Agalarov, “for understanding and patience” and undertakes to repay his $4 million debt to Agalarov by the end of 2009.

A former associate of Vinokur claims possible traffic of influence by Vinokur, paid for by Agalarov.

Famous Russian actor, Vladimir Vinokur, is mentioned in the Solntsevskaya case in Italy (“Spider Web”); he proclaims himself a good friend of Sergei Lalakin (head of the Podolskaya criminal organization, mentioned in particular here in the TBCA); Vinokur was proud of friendship with Shabtai Kalmanovich (suspected of links with organized crime group, Solntsevskaya (see Spider Web); shot dead in Moscow in 2009). At the same time, Vinokur is in contact with Vladimir Kozhin — former head of the Administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation. Vinokur is proud that Putin visited him on his birthday etc.

Agalarov Vinocur Fraev


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