Article on suspicion of money laundering through Wadan Yards in Germany, 2015, taken down from Focus magazine

Translation: The Wadan Yards Group from Wismar has often dealt with dubious millions in payments and dubious owners. The former owner Andrei Burlakov – an entrepreneur with ties to the Russian mafia – died from the bullets of a contract killer. He had previously sold the ailing Wadan shipyard to Igor Yusufov, ex-minister and Gazprom board member. Wadan became Nordic Yards. Filius Vitaly Yusufov ran the business. Bargaining continued, money shifted and cashed. In June 2015, Hypovereinsbank reported suspicious flows of money in favor of the shipyards in a money laundering report. The investigators discovered a credit of 20 million euros. The client was Prosal Investment Limited, based in Tortola on the British Virgin Islands. According to the intended use, the payment is based on a loan agreement. In addition, on June 17, the Prosal made another payment of 8.5 million euros. It is still unclear where the money comes from and who is behind the ominous mailbox company from the tax haven.



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