Gennady Petrov, suspected to be running Tambov gang, as fixer for Blavatnik

Audio tape of conversation in Russian of Vladislav Reznik, State Duma Member and alleged mobster of Gennady (Gennadios) Petrov, recorded on December 7, 2007, in the context of the “Troika” Spanish criminal case. Reznik is reminding Petrov to arrange a meeting of Len Blavatnik with somebody at the top and Petrov promises to do so.

Possible traffic of influence (see Tambov gang for more details). Billionaire Blavatnik is an American citizen, born in Odessa (USSR), who contributes to the Republican Party’s election campaigns. He is a philanthropist in the UK. Source of the tape: criminal case “Troika” in Spain in 2018 against the Tambov criminal gang on money laundering, criminal association, as well is on tax evasion.

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