Sam Kislin’s letter to US Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovich

Letter to US Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovich, written on January 4, 2018 by the representative of the Opalcore Ltd. (Cyprus), and its sole beneficial shareholder, Trans Commodities New York, Inc.

Trans Commodities New York, Inc. (“TCNY”)  is controlled in its turn by Soviet emigré Sam Kislin (former partner of Chernoy brothers from Izmaylovo gang  and self proclamed partner of Donald Trump, Fred Trump and fund raiser for Rudy Giuliani). Kislin’s lawyer Jefferey C. Dannenberg is complaining to Yovanovich about the Ukrainian local court of Kramatorsk, which, without the knowledge of then Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, froze assets of $20,037,088.00 (USD), and post-maturity interest in the sum of $942,940.79 (USD). The reason is investigation into bonds issued in 2013 under the president Viktor Yanukovich.

Source: Slidstvo.Info.

Who is Who in Ukraine, by Vladimir Pribylovsky

who is who in Ukraine by Pribylovsky

Who is who in politics in Ukraine (including Crimea – about 65 out of 100 people) incomplete draft. Russian language.

Compiled by:
Vladimir Pribylovsky by the end of 2015,
Information from the Prosopograf is a person descriptor database, the Labyrinth Electronic Information Storage System, and materials from Maxim Balutenko and Anastasia Krekhovskaya were used.