Gennady Petrov and bank Rossiya: Gennady Petrov’s relationship with Yuri Kovalchuk

Sound file recorded on January 30, 2008. Part of the Spanish criminal case Troika of Tambovskaya – Malyshevskaya gang: Gennady Petrov is one of the main suspects of money laundering and a criminal gang’s involvement and is being wanted by Spain.

Gennady Petrov:

“What about golden affairs?”

Anton Petrov [Gennady Petrov’s son]: “All right, 30 shops opened”.

G.P. “What about Savelyev? [president of the managing board of the bank Sankt-Petersburg] Doesn’t he disappoint you?”

A.P. “He does. We took 4 loans, all with a delay”.

G.P. “Assh… When I’ll come, I will try to meet with Yura Kovalchuk [main shareholder of the Bank Rossiya, co-founder of the Ozero cooperative], our relationship used to be very close, we have to resume it”.


See also: Property registry certificate, Russia, proving that until 2017, Gennady Petrov’s wife Elena Petrova had an apartment in a luxury St. Petersburg house next to the residences of shareholders of Bank Rossiya and members of the Ozero cooperative.

In Russia, Petrov was prosecuted and arrested in the 90ths for racketeering in the frame of Tambov-Malyshev gang case together with Alexander Malyshev, Sergey Kuzmin, Leonid Khristoforov and, among others, Valery Ob’edkov – a policeman who used his service weapon for raid attacks (see indictment on TBCA). However, during the trial witnesses changed their testimonies, only Malyshev was convicted for illegal weapon’s possession, Petrov was acquitted.

Petrov is presented as just high rank businessman and even an FSB agent, close to Russian leadership, by his lawyers and some media.

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