Petrov and Malyshev to discuss their partners from underworld

April 15, 2008. Alexander Malyshev is calling Gennady Petrov to discuss Vitaly Izguilov, Viktor Gavrilenkov and Sergey Kuzmin. As for Petrov’s activity, officially a professional boxer, Petrov is presented as just a high rank Russian businessman and even an FSB agent, close to Russian leadership, by his lawyers and some media. Gennady Petrov is one …

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Gennady Petrov and bank Rossiya: Gennady Petrov’s relationship with Yuri Kovalchuk

Sound file recorded on January 30, 2008. Part of the Spanish criminal case Troika of Tambovskaya – Malyshevskaya gang: Gennady Petrov is one of the main suspects of money laundering and a criminal gang’s involvement and is being wanted by Spain. Gennady Petrov: “What about golden affairs?” Anton Petrov [Gennady Petrov’s son]: “All right, 30 …

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Kirill Shamalov’s secret Monégasque company

Minutes of decisions of the single shareholder of the Monégasque SCP ALTA MIRA, unique founder of the French company, SCI Atlantic, on the transfer of shares from Gennady and Elena Timchenko to SCP ALTA MIRA, represented by Kirill Shamalov, “manager” (“gérant”), registered in Monaco. This is a way for the Timchenkos to sell a €4.5-million …

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Petrov Kamenny Ostrov

Property registry certificate, Russia, proving that until 2017, Gennady Petrov’s wife Elena Petrova had an apartment in a luxury St. Petersburg house next to the residences of shareholders of Bank Rossiya and members of the Ozero cooperative. The house on the 2nd Berezovaya Alleya 19, is guarded by the FSB. Adjacent are FSB and Presidential …

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Ozero cooperative – Valery Gavriliuk

Title deed for property owned by Valery Gavrilyuk for an area of ground in the Ozero cooperative (initially co-established by Vladimir Putin, Nikolay Shamalov, and Vladimir Yakunin in 1999, where Yakunin and Shamalov kept parcels), issued in 2009.

Sens de la Vie creation

Swiss foundation, registered by the former chief of Ozero Cooperative and Rosatom top manager, Vladimir Smirnov (investigated in 2000–2009 in Germany in the SPAG money laundering case, now archived — see SPAG, elsewhere in the TBCA). “Sens de la vie” — “meaning of life”. Its declared purpose is to support innovative research projects by students …

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