Ilya Traber and Gennady Petrov to discuss “sh** and money”, 2007, Tambov gang

A file from the Spanish criminal case Troika.

Ilya Traber wants to meet Gennady Petrov in order to discuss “sh** and money”. Both are wanted in the frame of the Troika case, Tambov gang; Traber is also described as a criminal authority in Monaco police’s files.  Petrov was arrested in Sankt Petersburg in the 1990ths in the frame of Tambov-Malyshev gang case. File recorded on June 22, 2007. Traber used a Greek mobile 00306977609359 for the conversation.

Both Traber and Petrov are presented as just high rank businessmen and even FSB agents, close to Russian leadership, by their lawyers and some media.


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