Gafur Rakhimov to meet with Daimler Benz in Stuttgart

Gafur from Roth

List of participants of the meeting with the leadership of Daimler-Benz, among them “Mr Gafur Rakhimov, Agro Plus K & M”, which took place on 14 June, 1996 in Stuttgart.

Switzerland based company Agro Plus K&M existed in 1992-1998. OCCRP liked the company to than residing in Switzerland Sergey Mikhailov (Mikhas) from Solntsevskaya gang . In 2017 Mikhailov appears to have good relations with State Duma member Vladimir Shamanov  as well as with Gafur Rakhimov and Semen Mogilevich.


Source: Jürgen Roth’s archive.