Rosukrenergo, Firtash, Chernoy, Bawag – parliamentary inquiry in Austria, 2007 (open part)

Firtash parliamentary hearings in Austria

Сommittee of inquiry concerning  Financial Market Authority, BAWAG, Hypo Alpe-Adria and other financial service providers – incl. Raiffeisenbank work on behalf of Dmitry Firtash and Ivan Fursin.

Raiffeisenbank representatives claimed that they did compliance check with the due dilligence company Kroll which found that Firtash made his carrier not only as Semyon Mogilevich’s man, there were various factors (p. 95):

Deputy Mag. Werner Kogler (Greens): The content of this [Kroll] report what is it? With which main arguments at most also proof these were rather
public concerns about Firtash, possibly Fursin – there I am
not so well informed, but at least Firtash – refuted in the Kroll report?
Dr. Wolfgang Putschek (Raiffeisen): That was not the main argument, there was a series of facts that have just proven the history,shed light on the rise of Mr. Firtash, on how he came to his fortune, how his business has developed as he himself has come into the gas business, where he credibly have acquired the know-how to play a significant role in such a big transaction, and at the end of the report it culminated in a statement that there are no concerns about doing business with him and no connections to the mentioned Mr. Mogilevich.
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