Investigation of Izmaylovskaya gang (Chernoi, Deripaska, Makhmudov) in Spain, 2009

Izmaylovskaya case Makhmudov Deripasca accusation act Spain

Dated of March 13, 2009. A request by Spanish Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office to the judge to conduct certain investigative actions related to the case of Izmayloskaya gang –  Iskander Makhmudov, Oleg Deripaska, Mikhail Chernoi (Cherny).

“Oleg Deripaska, together with Chernoi and Majmudov, controlled the company “Rual Trade, Ltd.” residing in Tortola (British Virgin Islands), then the world’s third largest producer of aluminum (the company “RussAl” was a subsidiary of said “Rual Trade, Ltd.”) and which was the subject of several suspicious communications of money laundering in the “ FinCEN ”: one, for a total of $ 11,598,499; another, for $ 4,869,310,635 between the years 2003 and 2007″. (p.5)

“Money laundering that is the subject of this investigation have been fundamentally channeled, on the one hand, through the company “Vera Metallurgica, S. A.”; on the other, through “Fima Veneer & Plywood Corporation, S. L.”; and, finally, by means of companies with registered offices in tax havens (thus, Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands) that have served as a screen to introduce money from criminal activities into Spain”.  (p.23)

See also summary by the Russian Prosecution from 2015:  “On April 10, 2007, the Central Investigative Court No. 4 of the National Audience of the Kingdom of Spain initiated a criminal case (№101 / 2007-D) regarding Makhmudov I.K., Deripaska O.V., and other persons under Art. 515 (creation of a criminal association), Art. 301 (money laundering), and Art. 305 (offense against the State Treasury) of the Criminal Code of the Kingdom of Spain.

On 07.12.2012, this criminal case, with the qualifications of the offense under Art. 174, 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, was transferred by the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation according to the Art. 151, 459 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Russia for further investigation in the Investigative Department of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia.”


Izmaylovo crime gang and Soviet immigration to New York, AP’s newswire 1999

FBI report: Top contributor to Giuliani, Schumer has mob ties
Associated Press Newswires
Associated Press Writer
21 December 1999 22:17, 794 words, English,
(c) 1999. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.

NEW YORK (AP) – A wealthy contributor to the political campaigns of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Sen. Charles Schumer is a suspected member of a Brooklyn-based Russian crime syndicate whose company has laundered millions of dollars, according to internal FBI documents.

Semyon (Sam) Kislin, 64, along with family members and businesses, gave $46,250 to Giuliani’s mayoral campaigns in 1993 and 1997 and $8,000 to Schumer’s 1998 U.S. Senate campaign.

Kislin, a commodities trader prominent in the Russian Jewish emigre communities of south Brooklyn, has denied any money laundering or other wrongdoing. He was vacationing in the Bahamas and could not be reached for comment.

His suspected involvement with organized crime was first reported Tuesday by the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit, nonpartisan group based in Washington D.C.

Kislin and his family have also donated to the re-election campaigns of President Bill Clinton and former Republican Sen. Alfonse D’Amato. In 1997, Kislin’s company, Trans Commodities, also gave $30,000 to the Liberal Party, which has backed Giuliani on each of his runs for mayor, and $7,700 to Jules Polonetsky, Giuliani’s running mate in 1997 and the current commissioner of Consumer Affairs.

Kislin also claims to have co-chaired a Giuliani for Senate fund-raiser at a Manhattan hotel on May 25 that raised $2.1 million for Giuliani’s political action committee. In 1996, he held a fund-raiser for Giuliani in a Brooklyn restaurant.

“I did a lot of fund raising for Giuliani,” Kislin said in an interview with the Center for Public Integrity. “He’s a good man, doing a good job for the city of New York.”

Kislin is also a board member of the city’s Economic Development Corporation, which is charged with protecting the city’s job and economic base.

Bruce Teitelbaum, who heads Giuliani’s exploratory Senate campaign, denied that Kislin was co-chair of the fund-raiser and added that Kislin has not given Giuliani’s exploratory committee any money. Teitelbaum said the campaign had been unaware of Kislin’s alleged ties to organized crime.

“Obviously, we didn’t know any of this,” said Teitelbaum. “He has not contributed to the (Senate) campaign, nor to the federal PAC. He has not contributed (to Giuliani) in over two-and-a-half years.”

At a press conference Tuesday, Giuliani said he knew Kislin and his wife, Ludmila, but was not aware of Kislin’s reputed mob ties.

“I’m not aware of any of the allegations,” said Giuliani. “They have not contributed to the federal (Senate) campaign…They have not raised any money (for me) since, I think, September 1997.”

The two likely candidates for the New York Senate seat are Giuliani and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A spokeswoman for Schumer said the senator had also been unaware of Kislin’s ties.

“Our campaign policy was to do background checks on our donors,” said the spokeswoman, Cathie Levine. “Our research raised no red flags. If any of the allegations prove true, we will absolutely return the money.”

Kislin has been investigated by the FBI, but despite internal FBI reports alleging money laundering and mob ties, the agency has not pursued charges.

FBI spokesman Joe Valiquette refused to comment Tuesday.

But a 1994 FBI intelligence report obtained by The Associated Press claims Kislin is a “member or associate” of a Brighton Beach crime operation headed by Vyacheslav “Little Japanese” Ivankov.

Ivankov was given a 10-year prison sentence in 1997 for extortion and for a fraudulent marriage aimed at preventing his deportation.

Federal prosecutors said Ivankov was a “godfather” of Russian organized crime in the United States and abroad. Russian authorities said his criminal organization operated in the United States, Canada and Europe, as well as Russia.

In his interview with the Center for Public Integrity, Kislin said he does not know Ivankov and noted that though he has been investigated by the FBI, he has never been charged with a crime. He also denied that his company, Trans Commodities, had laundered money for Russian organized crime figures.

However, an FBI report says Trans Commodities “is known to have laundered millions of dollars from Russia to New York.”

The FBI and Interpol also claim that Trans Commodities co-sponsored a U.S. visa for Anton Malevskiy, the head of one of Russia’s top mafia families, the Izmaylovo gang. Malevskiy is also alleged to be a contract killer.

Further, Mikhail Chernoy, the company’s manager between 1988 and 1992, was involved in the takeover of the Russian aluminum industry through alleged embezzlement, money laundering and contract killing, according to the Russian national police.

See also: Izmaylovo gang, RICO complaint to the US district court mentioning Arnold Kislin. Deripaska vs Chernoy’s proceedings in UK, featuring Trans Commodities and Sam Kislin.

Rosukrenergo, Firtash, Chernoy, Bawag – parliamentary inquiry in Austria, 2007 (sealed part)


Transcript of the sealed part of the parliamentary inquiry in Austria, from July 4, 2007, dedicated to Russia mafia and money laundering in the country and possible involvement of Austrian financial institutions.

Continuation of the Rosukrenergo, Firtash, Chernoy, Bawag – parliamentary inquiry in Austria, 2007 (open part). German language.

Of interest:

English translation:

Page 56:

Deputy Werner Kogler (Greens): But something different has come. There are the representatives of Raiffeisen Investment together with legal representatives and representatives of the settler there: then, as we all knew later, it is about Firtash and Fursin. For their part, they flew to the US, to Washington, in February and so called reported there. That’s also very strange, as we can imagine here. – Do you have a perception that Raiffeisen Investment AG and the management have decided to fly to the US and report there to representatives of FBI, CIA? What do you know about it ?

Dr. Erich Zwettler: The only perception I have is that the representative of the FBI came to Vienna at some point and said that the whole story was finished because the Raiffeisen board of directors somehow met up with the people of Stuart Levey [US’ first Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence within the United States Department of the Treasury] and there is no more ground to any …

Original transcript:

Seite 56:

Abgeordneter Werner Kogler (Grüne) : Aber gekommen ist etwas anderes. Es sind nämlich die Vertreter von Raiffeisen Investment samt Rechtsvertreter und Vertreter des Treugebers dort : da geht es dann, wie wir später alle gewusst haben, um Firtash und Fursin. Die sind ihrerseits in die USA geflogen, nach Washington, im Februar und haben dort sozusagen berichtet. Das hat sich auch sehr seltsam zugefragen, wie wir uns hier jedoch vorstellen können. – Haben sie dazu eine Wahrnehmung, dass die Raiffeisen Investment AG und das Management sich entschlossen haben, in die USA zu fliegen und dort vor Vertretern FBI, CIA Bericht abzulegen ? Was wissen Sie darüber ?

Mag. Erich Zwettler : Die einzige Wahrnehmung die ich dazu habe ist, dass der Vertreter des FBI in Wien irgendwann einmal gekommen ist und gesagt hat, die ganze Geschichte hat sich erledigt, weil der Vorstand von Raiffeisen sich irgendwie mit den Leuten des Stuart Levey getroffen hat, und es gibt keinen weiteren Grund mehr zu irgendwie…

Rosukrenergo, Firtash, Chernoy, Bawag – parliamentary inquiry in Austria, 2007 (open part)

Firtash parliamentary hearings in Austria

Сommittee of inquiry concerning  Financial Market Authority, BAWAG, Hypo Alpe-Adria and other financial service providers – incl. Raiffeisenbank work on behalf of Dmitry Firtash and Ivan Fursin.

Raiffeisenbank representatives claimed that they did compliance check with the due dilligence company Kroll which found that Firtash made his carrier not only as Semyon Mogilevich’s man, there were various factors (p. 95):

Deputy Mag. Werner Kogler (Greens): The content of this [Kroll] report what is it? With which main arguments at most also proof these were rather
public concerns about Firtash, possibly Fursin – there I am
not so well informed, but at least Firtash – refuted in the Kroll report?
Dr. Wolfgang Putschek (Raiffeisen): That was not the main argument, there was a series of facts that have just proven the history,shed light on the rise of Mr. Firtash, on how he came to his fortune, how his business has developed as he himself has come into the gas business, where he credibly have acquired the know-how to play a significant role in such a big transaction, and at the end of the report it culminated in a statement that there are no concerns about doing business with him and no connections to the mentioned Mr. Mogilevich.

Сomplaint – kazakh entrepreneur against Makhmudov, Izmaylovo gang – intimidation

Akhmetov complaint against Izmaylovo Makhmudov Chernoy

(English below)

Начальнику УВД Мангыстауской области Приходько Н.И. от Ахметова Жараса Амангельдиновича, Директора ТОО “Актал Лтд”, проживающего в городе Актау, тел…

Ко мне, Ахметову Ж.А., в точение ноября месяца текущего года неоднократно с угрозами личной расправы обращались по телефону граждане Российской Федерации Махмудов Искандер и Кадыров Одыл.

Махмудов Искандер и Кадыров Одыл известны как представители полукриминального бизнеса, являются ближайшими сотрудниками небезызвестного Михаила Черного и тесно сотрудничают с Измайловской организованной преступной группировкой и одним из ее лидеров Антоном Малевским.

Сродства массовой информации России связывают с этими людьми заказные убийства Феликса Львова, Вадима Яфясова, Олега Кантора.

Группа Михаила Черного и Искандера Махмудова известна своими скандальными полукриминальными захватами ряда предприятий и России.. В свое время ими уже предпринимались попытки внедрения в Казахстан. В средствах массовой информации России указывалось на их связь с бывшим премьер – министром А.М. Кзжегельдиным. Однако их прошлые попытки не увенчались успехом.

Искандер Махмудов в настоящее время – генеральный директор Уральской горно-металлургической компании и отвечает за захват предприятий Уральского региона, используя незаконные методы.
Одыл Кадыров отвечает за связи между Измайловской ОПГ и казахстанскими организованными преступными группировками.

Группой английских и американских компаний подан иск в окружной суд г. Нью – Йорк к группе Михаилл Черного за использование незаконных методов конкуренции и завладения рядом предприятий в России, в том числе путем угрозы
личной физичоскои расправы.

Мое заявление прошу рассматривать не только как личное обращение, но и как обращение инвесторов, а том числе гражданина Израиля Джосефа Траума, вложившего в развитие нашего производства более 6 млн. долларов США, проявляющих обеспокоенность возможностью криминализации бизнеса в Казахстане, что безусловно скажется на международном авторитете нашей Республики. В частности г-н Траум планирет обратиться в правоохранительные органы Израиля с
просьбой обеспечения уголовного преследования возможных заказчиков противоправных действий в отношении меня.

4.01.2001 (Подпись)


“To the Head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Mangystau region Prikhodko N.I. from Akhmetov Zharas Amangeldinovich, President of Aktal Ltd LLP, living in Aktau

Me, Mr. Zh.A. Akhmetov, during the course of November of the current year, was repeatedly contacted by the citizens of the Russian Federation Makhmudov Iskander and Kadyrov Odyl with threats of personal reprisals.

Makhmudov Iskander and Kadyrov Odil are known as representatives of the semi-criminal business, are the closest employees of the notorious Mikhail Chernoy, and work closely with the Izmailovo organized crime group and one of its leaders, Anton Malevsky.

The Russian media of Russia link these people with the assassinations of Felix Lvov, Vadim Yafyasov. Oleg Kantor.

The group of Mikhail Chernoy and Iskander Makhmudov is known for its scandalous semi-criminal seizures of a number of enterprises and Russia. Once they had already attempted to introduce them into Kazakhstan. The media in Russia pointed out their connection with the former Prime Minister A.M. Kzgegeldin. However, their past attempts have not succeeded.

Iskander Makhmudov is currently the CEO of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company and is responsible for seizing the enterprises of the Ural region using illegal methods. Odyl Kadyrov is responsible for connections between the Izmailovo organized criminal group and Kazakhstani organized criminal groups.

A group of British and American companies filed a lawsuit in the New York District Court against the group of Mikhail Chernoy for using illegal methods of competition and taking possession of a number of enterprises in Russia, including by threatpersonal physical violence.

I ask you to consider my application not only as a personal appeal, but also as an appeal by investors, including Israeli citizen Joseph Traum, who invested more than 6 million US dollars in the development of our production, who are concerned about the possibility of criminalizing business in Kazakhstan, which will certainly affect the image of our republic internationally. In particular, Mr. Traum plan to contact the Israeli law enforcement authorities with a request to ensure the prosecution of potential hiring party of the illegal actions commited against me….”

January 4, 2001 (Signature)

Source: Izmaylovo (“Izmaylovskaya”, “Ismajlovskaja” in German transcription) gang case in Stuttgart, 2011.

TransWorld Group’s owners

Transworld group

Nominal founders (1996) of TransWorld Group, associated with the Chernoy brothers, which cooperated with the Solntsevskaya gang and later ended up with the Izmaylovskaya gang.

TransWorld Group was an association of commodities traders controlling stakes in most of Russia’s aluminum smelters. In early 2000, TransWorld Group sold most of its aluminium holdings to Roman Abramovich, who merged them with Oleg Deripaska’s company to create Russian Aluminum (today, Rusal).

See also: Chernoy transfers, Trans World Metals SA