Whistle blower in Magnitsky case Alexander Perepilichny to be sued by Gregory Bubnov, bank Pushkino

Pushkino bank vs Perepilichny

A Moscow’s court of decision to grant OOO Jirsa’s legal suit asking to enforce Alexander Perepilichny to pay 2 631 404 RUR of debts, from 10 March 2012 (granted). Perepilichny himself blamed his former Moscow’s partners Gregory Bubnov (now investing in Czech republic where he settled) and Alexander Semenov for extortion. The alleged debt of Perepilichny resulted from his loan of 3 Mln USD taken at Pushkino bank (founded by Gregory Bubnov) in 2009 bank and later was sold to OOO Jirsa, according to the decision.

Owners of OOO Jirsa: JIRSA HOLDINGS LIMITED Cyprus and Kovtun Dmitri Vadimovich INN 772875373133; Kovtun Dmitri Vadimovich INN 772875373133 is also linked to OOO “ST-TOR”: beneficial owner is Lugovaya Kseniya Alekseevna, former shareholders are Lugovoi Andrei Konstantinovich (wanted by UK on suspicion of the murder of Alexander Litvinenko), Lugovaya Tatyana Evgenevna, Kovtun Dmitri Vadimovich, Lugovoi Yuri Konstantinovich. Source: Spark-interfax.

In 2010 the banker Alexander Perepilichny emigrated from Russia and gave bank wire documents to Hermitage Capital, becoming a whistle blower who had help to uncover a huge tax fraud case in Russia, more known as “Magnitsky case”. Died in UK in 2012 amid mysterious circumstances. Before emigration, Perepilichny had businesses in Moscow with his classmates Gregory Bubnov and Alexander Semenov. Most famous of them, “Bank Pushkino” and “Financial Bridge” were closed in 2013 by Russian financial regulators. Bubnov moved to Czech republic to carry out 60 Mln USD investments in real estate, together with a Russian partner.


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