Whistle blower’s testimony on Russian laundromat’s original funds, Russian railways procurements

Affidavit Gorbuntsov-1

On March 20, 2012, banker Herman Gorbuntsov was returning from work and approaching the door of his home on Byng Street in East London when the killer jumped him. The killer fired eight shots, left Gorbuntsov bleeding on the doorstep of his house and fled. The banker  survived, though he lay in a coma for a long time, and the police soon found out the name of his attacker – Vitalie Proca, a well-known killer in Moldova. The killer managed to escape to Russia (he was later extradited to Romania where he was sentenced to 12 years in prison). Why did the Moldovan killer make an attempt on the life of the Russian businessman? Gorbuntsov was in possession of invaluable information: he had taken out of Russia the shadow accounting data of Russian Railways, which had passed through two banks he owned and co-owned (Inkredbank and STB) and had been laundered through Moldova. See more.

On June 19, 2017 Gorbuntsov wrote his own “interrogation act with the consent on examined person”. He wrote how Russian public money which Russian Railways received for government procurements was stolen and embezzled through Moldova, with help of the “KUM group”: Valery Markelov, Andrey Krapivin (responsible for communication with RZhD) and Boris Usherovich (responsible for communication with Solntsevskaya gang members).

The scheme is known as Russian laundromat or “Moldovan laundromat”.

Gorbuntsov wrote he received threats at the meeting of the main protagonists of laundromat, on April 10 2009 in Moscow, attended also by Soltsevskaya representative Viktor Acerin and retired FSB general Evgeny Khokholkov. “During the meeting it was said that somebody stole money from Krapivin and I was responsible for that <>. Meanwhile during the conversation I was threatened that I assumed as a pressing of me”, – wrote Gorbuntsov in the affidavit.

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