Magnitsky-related PEP, his JV

A fax from 1993 showing that Igor Apetovich Sagirian, former top manager of Russian investment bank, Renaissance Capital, co-founded Russian-American Joint Venture, Bain-Link, in 1991.

By 2012, Bain-Link reportedly brought millions in profit to Mitt Romney (USA), the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in that year’s election

Sagirian helped to open a Credit Lyonnais branch. in St Petersburg’s city hall in 1991 (see Shadkhan’s movie transcript  and ) together with Michel Tchesnakoff (also known as Mikhail Chesnakov). The latter was a defendant in a corruption case in Switzerland in 2014 involving ABB Russia, Siemens, and Gazprom.

In 2009, Sagirian was mentioned in the legal complaint of Hermitage Capital at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York against Prevezon Holdings.

Hermitage Capital’s CEO, Bill Browder, wrote in his book that Mr Sagirian proposed traffic of influence to settle Browder’s problems with the authorities in Russia. See also: travel records of Officer Olga Stepanova, her husband Vladlen Stepanov and Igor Sagirian, Dubai-Moscow, 23 November, 2008.

Browder also stated at the US Congress that Sagirian is a top-ranking FSB officer. Sagirian is reportedly a citizen of the UK.

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