Partner of the whistle blower from Magnitsky case, banker from liquidated Russian banks, as an ambitious Czech developer

In 2010 The banker Alexander Perepilichny emigrated from Russia and gave bank wire documents to Hermitage Capital, becoming a whistle blower who had help to uncover a huge tax fraud case in Russia, more known as “Magnitsky case”. Before emigration, Perepilichny had businesses in Moscow with his classmates Gregory Bubnov and Alexander Semenov.

Perepilichny, along with Grigory Bubnov and Alexander Semenov, participated in several financial projects, the most famous of which were East Bridge Bank, Pushkino Bank and Financial Bridge (aka Finbridge). According to Perepilichny, when at the end of 2009 he returned to Russia from a business trip, he was met right at the airport and, threatened with a pistol, pushed into a car and forced to sign debt obligations. Semenov ad Bubnov subsequently sued Perepilichny on behalf of newly established by bank Pushkino companies.

A local banker from Mari-El, Russia, was complaining that Semenov, Bubnov and others, 5 people “invited me and began to offer to buy a hotel for the office of Sberbank. I immediately told them that such a building will not meet the necessary requirements. The conversation went on in another aspect, purely with a gangster vocabulary. They answered me, “you should think, you know who is behind us” (see more here).

Based on the frame of activity of Perepilichny and his whistle blowing of inside information on Magnitsky case, his acquaintance suggests that he “could have been involved in cashing out illegally reimbursed VAT”. All this scheme might be a “cancerous tumour on the body of the Russian economy, which everyone knows.” In 2012, Alexander Perepilichny died aged 44 in UK amid mysterious circumstances.

Pushkino Bank, established in 1990, was liquidated by Russian authorities in 2013, as well as East Bridge Bank and Financial Bridge.  One of the former shareholders of bank Pushkino left Russia and is wanted by Russian authorities “for fraud”.In 2013 one of the major shareholders of Pushkino became Alexander Dobrovisnki (partner and self proclaimed friend of the powerful Ilias Traber from Tambov gang).

Since 2017, Gregory Bubnov is a shareholder of several real estate companies in the Czech Republic. He’s simply presented by media as “a local Czech entrepreneur of Russian origin (no link to the bank Pushkino)” with huge construction projects in Prague, partner of Alexander Ruchyev, real estate developer from Russia. After investing Mio 60 $ in Czech republic, the companies plan to expand activity to Stuttgart, Germany, and Austria.

Czech entities of Bubnov are : G2 Group s.r.o., VLK development s.r.o, Wild Stone International s.r.o.

Wild Stone International s.r.o.
G2 group s.r.o.(4)
VLK development s.r.o.


Magnitsky-related PEP, his JV

A fax from 1993 showing that Igor Apetovich Sagirian, former top manager of Russian investment bank, Renaissance Capital, co-founded Russian-American Joint Venture, Bain-Link, in 1991.

By 2012, Bain-Link reportedly brought millions in profit to Mitt Romney (USA), the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in that year’s election

Sagirian helped to open a Credit Lyonnais branch. in St Petersburg’s city hall in 1991 (see Shadkhan’s movie transcript  and ) together with Michel Tchesnakoff (also known as Mikhail Chesnakov). The latter was a defendant in a corruption case in Switzerland in 2014 involving ABB Russia, Siemens, and Gazprom.

In 2009, Sagirian was mentioned in the legal complaint of Hermitage Capital at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York against Prevezon Holdings.

Hermitage Capital’s CEO, Bill Browder, wrote in his book that Mr Sagirian proposed traffic of influence to settle Browder’s problems with the authorities in Russia. See also: travel records of Officer Olga Stepanova, her husband Vladlen Stepanov and Igor Sagirian, Dubai-Moscow, 23 November, 2008.

Browder also stated at the US Congress that Sagirian is a top-ranking FSB officer. Sagirian is reportedly a citizen of the UK.