Izmaylovskaya criminal case in Germany, witness’ Dzalol Khaidarov’s testimony

Ismailovskaja Vernehmung LG Stuttgart

Interrogation acts of the entrepreneur Jalol Khaidarov by the German Prosecutor’s office. Part of the German Stuttgart’s Procesucutor’s Office’s proceedings (led to a judgement by 2010). Jalol Khaidarov is coplaining against members of the Izmaylovskaya gang – Oleg Deripaska, Iskander Makhmudov, Mikhail Chernoy, Anton Malevsky, who killed his mother and made hostile takeover of his business. See also RICO complaint submitted in a US district court by Khaidarov and Mikhail Zhivilo against the same Izmaylovskaya  gang members as well as Mikhail Nekrich and Arnold Kislin.

According to Khaidarov’s testimony, in 2001 Alfa Group reached an agreement with Izmaylovskaya crime gang, after several meetings in Paris, over TNK’s ownership. Alfa Group allegedly paid $200 Million to Mikhail Chernoy.

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