Iskander Makhmudov and Gennady Petrov’s conversation, Tambovskaya case

A phone conversation between Gennady Petrov, defendant in the Troika case of Tambovskaya gang, and Iskander Makhmudov, which took place on September, 21, 2007, at 17:36. Makhmudov promises to Petrov to “do everything right now” in response to a previous Petrov’s request.

From the Troika case, examined at Madrid’s court, 2018.

See also, the 2019’s conviction for tax evasion of the defendant Yuri Salikov, since he concealed and did not pay taxes on several million euros, arrived at the account of the Spanish company that he co-owned with Petrov.

According to the Spanish Prosecution, Yuri Salikov, calling Makhmudov “The Chinese” in his own conversations with Petrov, from pretrial detention, expected that Makhmudov pays a deposit to allow Salikov to be released.

Makhmudov is one of the richest Russia’s oligarchs denying any wronging, one of the leaders of the Russian government’s procurements together with Andrey Bokarev. Makhmudov is one of the key figures in the investigations against Izmaylovskaya gang in Germany (2010), Spain (2009-2016), the announced French Senate’s probe (in connection to the so-called Benalla case)-2019, a RICO complaint in the USA, a complaint by a kazakh entrepreneur against Makhmudov (abduction).

Archived Interpol’s warrant on Mikhail Cherny, Izmaylovskaya gang

Accessed in 2014. The arrest warrant issued by Spanish Interior was valid from 2009 till 2016 under this URL. Charges mentioned: criminal organization, money laundering. See also confirmation from Russian Prosecutor General’s office that they investigate a criminal case based on Spanish Prosecutor’s Office material since 2011. See Spanish Prosecutor’s office protest against inaction of the Russian Prosecution (2014).

In the beginning of the 90ths brothers Mikhail and Lev Cherny (Chernoy) also cooperated with Solntsevskaya and Taiwanchik (see the 2009 report by the Italian prosecutor Luigi de Ficchi , p. 12, for more details; For background, see a RICO complaint against Izmaylovskaya and its USA’s enablers.




Spanish report on Deripaska and Chernoy’s connection to organized crime and Russian political power (Es)

Deripaska Abramovich doc from Spain

Spanish law enforcers’ undated unsigned report on Oleg Deripaska’s ties to organised crime – Izmaylovskaya , mentioning also Alisher Usmanov and Roman Abramovich:

“Deripaska … was closely linked to transnational organized crime and this fact is widely recognized. For example, this is the case of the Russian citizen of Uzbek descent Alisher Usmanov, who would be investing Deripaska’ funds in the European market”.

Deripaska is currently making a special effort to dissociate himself entirely from the criminal circles with which he collaborated previously. And as indicated above, this is the case of Cherney and Izmailovskaya. To be exact, the main purpose of this attitude is to achieve a relevant role in the group of oligarchs closest to the Russian administration. For that he tries to play the same role as the oligarch Roman Abramovich who is attributed the role to manage the private economic interests of Vladimir Putin.

See full English translation.

See also Spanish criminal case №101 / 2007-D on Deripaska, transferred to Russia upon Russian Prosecutor General request.


Russian mafia case in Spain: conviction for tax evasion of the defendant Salikov


Yuri Salikov was acquitted in the Russian mafia case (Troika case) in 2018 in Spain, on charges of money laundering of the Tambov gang funds, like all the other defendants. While the sentence recognized the suspicious transactions as “anti economic”, the difficulty was to prove the predicate offence when Russian authorities gave contradictory reports to Spain on the Tambov / gang, amid suspicion of strong ties of the main defendants with the Russian law enforcers and government.  See also accusation of 1994 in Sant-Petersburg against the Tambov-Malyshev gang of creating organized crime community , extortion, gathering slush funds and their laundering in Europe. It also led to almost full acquittal in trial  amid testimonies of corruption of the court. Victims of extortion said they were wrong identifying their kidnappers in the court. The Spanish court in 2018 trusted to this Sankt-Petersburg aquittal of 1995 and the more recent FSB reports, including of its Sankt-Petersburg branch, presented by the defence.

By the present sentence, from 4 April 2019, Yuri Salikov was convicted by the Spanish court Audiencia Nacional for  tax evasion (for the same transactions earlier incriminated in money laundering case).

Salikov was co-owner and than took over the Spanish company Sunstar SL from Gennadios (Gennadi) Petrov which is fleeing the Spanish justice, one can read in the sentence. In 2002-2003 Yuri Salikov increased the capital of the company by more than 2 Mln of euros, simulating three loans, which were factitious, considered the court. The company invested funds of unknown origin to invest in real estate (p. 5). Doing so, “Yuri Salikov omitted to declare the income, recieved in the 2002 financial year, of 2 283 830 euros, failing to pay a fee to public finances which should be 938 235 euros” (p. 6).

The court condemned Yuri Salikov (Jurij Mihajlovich SALIKOV) as the author responsible for a crime against the Public Treasury, defining a  penalty of one year and three months in prison and a fine of 469 117 euros, with subsidiary personal responsibility of six months in case of default.
The convicted person must also indemnify the Public Treasury as civil liability in the amount of EUR 938,235 plus legal interest.

As it is clear from the sentence, Salikov and his wife, participating in the business of her husband and Gennadios Petrov, both have German citizenship.

Yuri Salikov is considered by the Spanish investigation to be close to bank Rossiya long time major shareholder Gennadios Petrov and Iskander Makhmudov (accused of belonging to Izmaylovo gang) who allegedly paid a pledge for Salikov in 2008. See taped conversations summary of the Troika case for details.

Сomplaint – kazakh entrepreneur against Makhmudov, Izmaylovo gang – intimidation

Akhmetov complaint against Izmaylovo Makhmudov Chernoy

(English below)

Начальнику УВД Мангыстауской области Приходько Н.И. от Ахметова Жараса Амангельдиновича, Директора ТОО “Актал Лтд”, проживающего в городе Актау, тел…

Ко мне, Ахметову Ж.А., в точение ноября месяца текущего года неоднократно с угрозами личной расправы обращались по телефону граждане Российской Федерации Махмудов Искандер и Кадыров Одыл.

Махмудов Искандер и Кадыров Одыл известны как представители полукриминального бизнеса, являются ближайшими сотрудниками небезызвестного Михаила Черного и тесно сотрудничают с Измайловской организованной преступной группировкой и одним из ее лидеров Антоном Малевским.

Сродства массовой информации России связывают с этими людьми заказные убийства Феликса Львова, Вадима Яфясова, Олега Кантора.

Группа Михаила Черного и Искандера Махмудова известна своими скандальными полукриминальными захватами ряда предприятий и России.. В свое время ими уже предпринимались попытки внедрения в Казахстан. В средствах массовой информации России указывалось на их связь с бывшим премьер – министром А.М. Кзжегельдиным. Однако их прошлые попытки не увенчались успехом.

Искандер Махмудов в настоящее время – генеральный директор Уральской горно-металлургической компании и отвечает за захват предприятий Уральского региона, используя незаконные методы.
Одыл Кадыров отвечает за связи между Измайловской ОПГ и казахстанскими организованными преступными группировками.

Группой английских и американских компаний подан иск в окружной суд г. Нью – Йорк к группе Михаилл Черного за использование незаконных методов конкуренции и завладения рядом предприятий в России, в том числе путем угрозы
личной физичоскои расправы.

Мое заявление прошу рассматривать не только как личное обращение, но и как обращение инвесторов, а том числе гражданина Израиля Джосефа Траума, вложившего в развитие нашего производства более 6 млн. долларов США, проявляющих обеспокоенность возможностью криминализации бизнеса в Казахстане, что безусловно скажется на международном авторитете нашей Республики. В частности г-н Траум планирет обратиться в правоохранительные органы Израиля с
просьбой обеспечения уголовного преследования возможных заказчиков противоправных действий в отношении меня.

4.01.2001 (Подпись)


“To the Head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Mangystau region Prikhodko N.I. from Akhmetov Zharas Amangeldinovich, President of Aktal Ltd LLP, living in Aktau

Me, Mr. Zh.A. Akhmetov, during the course of November of the current year, was repeatedly contacted by the citizens of the Russian Federation Makhmudov Iskander and Kadyrov Odyl with threats of personal reprisals.

Makhmudov Iskander and Kadyrov Odil are known as representatives of the semi-criminal business, are the closest employees of the notorious Mikhail Chernoy, and work closely with the Izmailovo organized crime group and one of its leaders, Anton Malevsky.

The Russian media of Russia link these people with the assassinations of Felix Lvov, Vadim Yafyasov. Oleg Kantor.

The group of Mikhail Chernoy and Iskander Makhmudov is known for its scandalous semi-criminal seizures of a number of enterprises and Russia. Once they had already attempted to introduce them into Kazakhstan. The media in Russia pointed out their connection with the former Prime Minister A.M. Kzgegeldin. However, their past attempts have not succeeded.

Iskander Makhmudov is currently the CEO of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company and is responsible for seizing the enterprises of the Ural region using illegal methods. Odyl Kadyrov is responsible for connections between the Izmailovo organized criminal group and Kazakhstani organized criminal groups.

A group of British and American companies filed a lawsuit in the New York District Court against the group of Mikhail Chernoy for using illegal methods of competition and taking possession of a number of enterprises in Russia, including by threatpersonal physical violence.

I ask you to consider my application not only as a personal appeal, but also as an appeal by investors, including Israeli citizen Joseph Traum, who invested more than 6 million US dollars in the development of our production, who are concerned about the possibility of criminalizing business in Kazakhstan, which will certainly affect the image of our republic internationally. In particular, Mr. Traum plan to contact the Israeli law enforcement authorities with a request to ensure the prosecution of potential hiring party of the illegal actions commited against me….”

January 4, 2001 (Signature)

Source: Izmaylovo (“Izmaylovskaya”, “Ismajlovskaja” in German transcription) gang case in Stuttgart, 2011.

Izmaylovskaya criminal case in Germany, witness’ Dzalol Khaidarov’s testimony

Ismailovskaja Vernehmung LG Stuttgart

According to German Stuttgart’s Procesucutor’s Office’s proceedings (led to a judgement by 2010), in 2001 Alfa Group reached an agreement with Izmaylovskaya crime gang, after several meetings in Paris, over TNK’s ownership. Alfa Group allegedly paid $200 Million to Mikhail Chernoy.